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Supercharge your brain with a short Brilliance Nugget for every day of the year.

Gain Dr. Stephie's insights, and enjoy her wit and humor as she passionately shows you how to transform your knowledge-sharing so you can unleash what is next.


"Next" could be massive growth, innovation, succession - or, at least, protecting what you have.

The 365 Brilliance Nuggets Dr. Stephie created are grouped into four "veins;" we are talking about Brilliance Mining afterall. 🙂 Check them out by looking at the four flip boxes below.

Read the front of each box, click on it, and see what is on the back.

Brilliance Mining Nuggets

What happens when you recognize your "brilliance" - your knowledge, expertise, and wisdom? When you unearth it with Brilliance Mining, you can finally teach it to others. Yes, that includes the things you do automatically!


Case Studies
Organizational Growth
Productize Your Services
Creativity & Innovation
Preventing Burnout
Exit Strategy

More Business Nuggets

Even though I love Brilliance Mining, and it affects almost everything, there are still some other business nuggets I want to share with you. Leadership insights, entrepreneurial mindset musings and more are found here.


Entrepreneurial Mindset
Leadership Insights
Employee Ownership
Artificial Intelligence

Teach Your Brilliance

I'm talking about impactful teaching with a very high return on your investment. Discover nuggets about how to foster learning and tap into the power of visuals. Writing just a little but consistently gives a huge payoff. Want some nuggets that help you with "Human Resources?"


Power of Visuals
Human Resources

Life Nuggets

Business success begins with personal growth and development. Find nuggets about that here. I share milestones and celebrations, reflections, work-life balance, and even parenting. And some nuggets are just for fun!


Personal Growth & Development
Milestones and Celebrations
Work-Life Balance
Sunday is Fun Day

Do You Have Big Plans For What's Next?


Discover how EFFECTIVE knowledge-sharing is a huge piece of that puzzle.
You know you need to increase your bandwidth and delegate more.
But how can you do it without sacrificing quality or risk costly mistakes?
How do you deal with younger employees staying shorter and seasoned employees retiring?
Is burnout threatening your success?

This book offers a wide span of nuggets; from about how to unearth your knowledge from your brain and share it with your team to leadership insights and life nuggets.

Enjoy the multimedia format:

Glance at bullets when you are short in time,

Read a short article in 2-3 minutes, or

View a video (available for over 60% of the nuggets).

Meet The Author

Dr. Stephie Althouse is a "recovering" scientist turned growth strategist, author of three books, and speaker.

She is the CEO of The Brilliance Mine, where she enables business owners to leverage their expertise to scale growth and build a BRILLIANT Success Culture.

Stephie earned her chemistry Ph.D. from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville.

Her science and business background, blended with humor, creates a learning atmosphere that is both transformative and impactful.

Stephie_black outfit_standing_ hands on hips

Stephie Althouse, Ph.D.
(Dr. Stephie)

Author, Speaker, Founder of The Brilliance Mine


The most important question you asked me is, ‘What do you REALLY want to do?' That question and Brilliance Mining changed my life! - Don Berg, Boeing Technical Fellow, Pioneer of Stealth, Entrepreneur 

The Brilliance Mining™ System is unique. It taps into the organization's innate wisdom and utilizes it in ways I have never seen before. It collects many years of experience and makes it usable and transferrable. The possibilities from that are stunning!" - Grant Vergottini, CEO, Xcential Corporation

Over the last two years, we have tripled our business revenue, and at the same time, we have grown our team. - Irene Donnell, Partner, P5 Marketing

Why Read or View This Book?

There are many good books about growing your business. But this book touches on something you don't hear people talking about nearly enough: The pain of having too much intangible knowledge locked up in their brains.

The result: This knowledge is not captured, preserved, or shared effectively within the team. Delegation and growth suffer, burnout becomes likely, and succession is painful. Building a legacy is far less likely than shutting down when the owner wants or needs to retire.

This book changes that. Transform your knowledge-sharing and unleash what you want to happen next.

Enjoy Dr. Stephie's approachable, engaging, and encouraging tone, which also reveals her sense of humor and belief that living life with intention and purpose is a good idea.

“Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality. ”

― Dalai Lama

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Why Dr. Stephie wrote this book

% business shut down
when the owner retires

% of global workforce is 55 and older

Average # of jobs a person has over their career in the U.S.


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