Vein 4: Life Nuggets

This vein is about life. Of course, everything in life is about life but here you find subjects I didn't cover in the other veins, such as personal growth, celbrating progress, reflecting about how far you have come and how it is going, and work-life balance (Does it exit? How do we get it?). I even wrote a nugget or two on parenting (I'm a mom afterall) and some silly "Sunday is Fun Day" nuggets.


Personal Growth

When you are on a mission, personal growth & development are always part of it. See what's here.



Do you love celebrating your progress & successes? Get inspired with ideas and why it is important to do this!



When you are working on a mission or goal, reflections are useful, even critical parts of the journey. Join me!


Work-Life Balance

Some people think "Work-life balance" is "weak" or "dead." Discover "dynamic work-life harmony."



Parenting is a prime opportunity for personal growth. Being a mom, I wrote some nuggets on that.


Sunday is Fun Day

These nuggets are silly and for fun. Read or view at your own risk as I pun and get playful.