Create A Big Win-Win By Educating Your Clients

Do you find yourself repeating certain pieces of information over and over as you’re educating your clients on why you are the solution to their pain? Your prospective clients and customers likely can learn a lot from you. Here is an idea for creating a big win-win for your future clients and yourself.


Do you find yourself repeating certain pieces of information over and over as you’re educating future clients on why you are the solution to their pain? 

Most likely, you are. You are most likely an expertise-driven business. There is a lot to learn for your future clients and customers. 

Have you considered creating a big win-win by pulling your expertise out of your brain, at least the part that pertains to educating new clients, and putting that into a mini-course that you could offer prospects? 

You could have a free course, which is appropriate in some situations. You could very well charge in others. Either way, you educate the people going through the course. 

Often I would recommend pairing an online course with sessions where the participants get to work with you, get to know you, and see how you think and operate. They get to be in a community of people going through that same educational path. 

Your participants come out in one of two ways.

Scenario 1: They learn from you, pay you, and continue using the expertise on their own

Either they say, “Wow, I got a lot out of that. I now have the knowledge to do this on my own.” In this scenario, you might want to charge something for sharing your expertise. – For example, I do that in my Brilliance Mining Cohort: Participants come out with the ability to do Brilliance Mining on their own; at least, they can go quite a long way.

Scenario 2: They learn from you, pay you, and hire you to accelerate and further improve the use of your expertise

Then there’s the second scenario: People who come out of your program thinking, “Wow, that was amazing! I see that there are a lot of opportunities to apply that expertise. I would like some more help because, now that I see the return on investment, I think it’s a no-brainer to invest in this. I know that the return is incredible. I have only so much time, so I could use some help.” 

Those people could become bigger clients – and often do. In this way, you provide a stepping stone from group client to private client. You are adding a lot of value to your people all along. Furthermore, you leverage your time and make some money as well. 

That has worked personally very well for me at The Brilliance Mine. I have private clients and group clients. It’s not uncommon for group clients to become private clients. 

They have all gained the knowledge they need to do Brilliance Mining on their own after completing the course. They have even a tangible outcome from the program – which is extra beneficial. Some want to continue on their own. Others see tremendous opportunities from continuing with support because they want to get there faster, benefit from fresh eyes, and even deeper levels of expertise and experience.

I’m Curious

How could you take that same concept and apply it to your business?


  1. Jacquelyn on at

    I would have to give it some thought as to how I would do this with prayer.

    • Stephie Althouse on at

      I hear you! My thinking is that in what you do, offering different approaches to praying, there is an opportunity for education, too?! And it doesn’t matters whether the people you educate, pay or not – either way, it is about attracting them to what you have to offer.