A New Challenge For Living Well

In yesterday’s nugget, I talked about straightforward ways for living well. In today’s nugget, as promised, I’m launching a new challenge that combines two pieces: focusing on gratitude and doing one thing you are telling yourself you “should” do. As I discussed recently, let’s drop the “should.” You might want to take a quick peek at that nugget to remind yourself.

Today, I’m inviting you to another 7-day challenge:

The challenge: Each day (today through Sunday), do this:

  1. When you wake up, think of at least three things you are grateful for.
  2. Then take care of one (even small) matter that you have been telling yourself you really “should” do, but you haven’t. For that, you might want to re-read this nugget.

I will raffle a prize. Please send me a brief comment each day to let me know you did it. Each day earns you one ticket, i.e., ideally, you have seven tickets.

The winner can choose between a canvas print of the “Declaration of Brilliance” or a Brilliance Mine T-shirt. 🙂

I’m Curious

Are you in? Please send me a comment to let me know.