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An Important A-Ha: My Innovation Is Like … (Insert Your Metaphor)

If you are doing something new, it is essential that you come up with some sort of metaphor. You need to relate it to something with which people are familiar.


This is a very quick but powerful nugget. If you are doing something different from things already in existence, it is essential that you come up with some sort of metaphor. Today, thanks to the help of my friend, Robert Donnell from P5 Marketing, I realized that Brilliance Mining has a lot in common with ghostwriting! Except that ghostwriting is typically just for books. What we’re doing puts your brilliance, knowledge, and wisdom in your brain, not just in books. It could be checklists, training manuals or videos, training portals, process maps, etc. We use various ways to express and put into motion what is only in your brain currently and could be put to much greater use and made immortal. 

But it’s like ghostwriting fundamentally. That is an excellent metaphor – or, what do you think? 

I’m Curious

My question is: What is your invention, your innovation, your thing like? Think about that and leave a comment or email me at


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