How Helpful Is Brilliance Mining In Research & Development

How Helpful Is Brilliance Mining In Research and Development?

Perhaps you are working in a business that does a lot of Research and Development (R&D). You might say, Brilliance Mining™ sounds fabulous, but how helpful is Brilliance Mining in Research and Development and to us? Let’s take a look at that question.


Let me ask you a question. Perhaps you are working in a research & development-heavy kind of business. In other words, you’re doing a lot of research and development, and you might say,

“Well, Brilliance Mining™ sounds fabulous, but that does not apply to us. The reason is that we think of new things all the time. That’s what we do. How would it be valuable to capture the thoughts that we have today since tomorrow they will have already evolved?” 

Great question. You know that I’ve been working as a research scientist for many years myself. So, I know what you’re talking about. I invite you to think that even in research and development, there are areas where Brilliance Mining is very valuable.

One example is the thought process that we go through to troubleshoot something.

You might’ve heard me talk about my ex-colleague, Eric, who was amazing at troubleshooting radiofrequency devices because there’s noise that comes into those devices. He was better than just about anybody in troubleshooting that, or at least better than most. In any case, many people relied on him to troubleshoot their particular detectors. This robbed him of the freedom to be more active in another area that he was very passionate about and very good at, namely, the design of new circuits. Do you see? This is a great example of how Brilliance Mining is, in fact, quite applicable, even in businesses that predominantly focus on research and development.

I’m Curious

Which areas could you tackle – or at least explore – with Brilliance Mining™?