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What would John do

What Would John Do?

It is a great idea to ask your clients how they would describe what you do. Here is what John said. It made me feel really good and gave me clues on how to express what I do to others. You can do the same. I’m Curious Transcript John: What would happen in your business today…
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Would you like to see a real-life company training portal that is the result of Brilliance Mining™? I am showing you this to inspire you!

How To Create Your Custom Training Portal: A Case Study

Would you like to see a real-life company custom training portal resulting from Brilliance Mining™? I am showing you this to inspire you! It all started with explaining a sophisticated software product to potential customers to help them understand how it becomes a game changer for them and why they should buy it. The course…
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Dr. Stephie's story

The Breakthrough In My Journey: Why I Do What I Do

Which success formula did you grow up with? Here’s the breakthrough in my journey and why I do what I do. My parents taught me that hard work, success in school, good grades, and a good degree are the key to success. There’s much truth to that. I really appreciate having that as a foundation for…
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onboarding system

All Our Jaws Dropped – And She Said “I’m So Happy!”

As you might know, five people graduated from the Brilliance Mining Cohort we began in February. As I mentioned, I’m so proud of them. Everyone achieved tangible results. Everyone shared what it had been like for them. Here’s what Tahnee McHenry had to say. She is the founder of Social Circle Digital Marketing. She created a stunning…
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Abraham Lincoln

How Abraham Lincoln Created the Gettysburg Address

Abraham Lincoln (1809 –1865 ), the 16th President of the United States, was an incredible leader. He has several compelling habits. As I was studying them, I tripped over something I found fascinating. How did Abraham Lincoln create his famous Gettysburg address? According to historian Doris Kearns Goodwin, Lincoln had an unusual method for assembling his speeches.…
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hamster wheel

Getting Off the Hamster Wheel. Is Moving To Planet Brillonia In Order?

Getting off the hamster wheel is not easy. Being in business is not for the faint of heart. It may seem like a great idea to open a business and escape working for someone else. “I’m done with that,” often is the thought. I can relate! Been there, done that – and still doing it!…
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Brillonias doc

Meet Brillonia’s “Doc”

Recently, I told you about “Planet Brillonia.” Here is how the next bit of that story. What’s happened in the story so far: In the year 2500 A.D. a new human civilization was formed on a planet named “Brillonia.” Advanced spaceships brought humans to this earth-like planet which supports the life of humans, animals, and…
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A Story: How Planet “Brillonia” Got Started

Over the past 125 days, my daily writing has brought me back to my writing days in high school. I was a prolific writer, producing articles about all kinds of topics. I also wrote some short stories like “How Planet “Brillonia” Got Started”. I got to thinking that some of the things I’d like to…
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big fat story

Olivia’s Big Fat Story

Human beings create meanings from what happens. We do that constantly! We are meaning creation machines! There are three steps for creating what I call a “big fat story”: The key take home of this Brilliance Nugget: The pain we feel from less than pleasant stories largely comes from our interpretations rather than from what…
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Show Me The Money – Story #1

A friend of mine asked me: How much money can you make from extracting brilliance out of your brain (or that of key people on your team) and making it into a tangible asset? Great question! Let me share with you my “Show Me The Money” story. In this Brilliance Nugget, I will share with…
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How a Marketing Company Found Its Ideal Client and Increased Revenues Seven-fold

The question “Who is your IDEAL client?” seems to be one of the toughest ones for most business owners. I am very familiar with the challenge surrounding this question. The questions I see come up in others – and myself – sound like this: These questions are all great questions. To keep this blog short,…
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