Challenge Day 1

Challenge Day #1: Which Idea Are You Implementing Today?

Did you see the Challenge Day I announced yesterday? It starts today and is quite simple: Implement one idea, small or large, today. Do that for seven days. Write down what you did and let me know.

I will raffle off three prizes as an additional incentive for you to participate – although you will see the benefits of quick implementation of your ideas, and that is the biggest reward!

Here are some quick ideas to inspire you:

  1. Read a book you have been meaning to read
  2. Apologize to someone
  3. Express your thanks to someone
  4. Ask someone for forgiveness (that someone might even be you)
  5. Resurrect a project you dropped – but it is important to you (taking even one little step counts!)
  6. Give someone a hug and tell them you love them
  7. Do one little home improvement project
  8. Meditate for 5 minutes (as simple as closing your eyes and focusing on your breath)
  9. Sit down and do NOTHING and be content
  10. Think of an idea you have had for a while but have not acted on yet – take one little step to implement it

I am taking on my own challenge, and I’m doing it with you today. Here’s what I did today:

I’m Curious

Which idea are you implementing today?


Greetings, Dr. Stephie here. Yesterday, I launched a seven-day challenge. The challenge is simple: implement one idea each day for seven days. One idea, when implemented, can revolutionize your life, and it all starts with the first step. This week, starting today, I invite you to implement one idea, write it down, and let me know about it. I’ve put out a few prizes for that. You’ll get one raffle ticket for each idea you implement and let me know about it, giving you the opportunity to earn one ticket per day. Seven days, seven tickets max. 

I want to inspire you and let you know I’m doing this with you. Today, I implemented two ideas.

Implementing a Unique Reading Strategy

The first idea is inspired by a guy who reads 300 books in one day. He doesn’t read the book cover to cover but peruses it a bit, then decides what he wants to read more carefully. He is looking for one action item from the book to improve his life. He sets up a routine, like sitting down with a glass of water for 50 minutes to read. 

This morning, I did the same. I grabbed a glass of water, a cup of coffee, and a book on retirement planning that I found at a UPS store. I read the entire book, not every word, but everything I needed for now, made some notes and came out with three action items.

Applying Lessons on Forgiveness and Apology

The second idea I implemented was inspired by a church service. The pastor talked about the importance of forgiving, apologizing, and being thankful. He emphasized that apologizing is the anchor point. I made an apology to someone, demonstrating the implementation of this idea.

Encouragement and Conclusion

I hope I’ve given you a couple of inspiring ideas. There are, of course, many other ideas you can implement. I invite you to do so. Please let me know about it, and I wish you a fabulous Sunday.