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Declaring A Decision And A Tiny Step

“Tiny steps when taken consistently become unstoppable!” That’s what I said in yesterday’s Brilliance Nugget. That is also what I tell my clients when we work on achieving their goals. This nugget is about a decision I made as a result of writing this nugget – and a declaration of a tiny step I’m taking toward it. I invite you to join me.

Meditation Is Even More Useful Than I Thought

In yesterday’s nugget, I wrote about the benefits of meditation. This brilliance nugget turns out to be even more life-changing than I realized when I began writing it. By the time I had finished writing it, I had

  • Read a book on meditation (as a summary through Blinkist).
  • Listened to several guided meditations on YouTube (I would never cite something I have not checked out)
  • Listened to a TEDx talk by Sarah Lazar on two of her research studies that indicate that the age-related shrinking of the brain can be prevented or at least reduced through regular meditation! Wow!

Up to this point, I have meditated on and off; sporadically rather than regularly. I knew it is a good thing – but until writing the Brilliance Nugget on meditation and doing the research on it I didn’t realize HOW GREAT it is.

Preventing Your Brain From Shrinking?!

Preventing your brain from shrinking?! Better memory and better decision-making. Possibly preventing Alzheimer’s. Becoming more compassionate and empathetic to others. Wow! Why on earth would I not take a bit of time each day to do this?!?!

Then a dear friend of mine reached out to me after reading the nugget.

“Stephie, Thank you so much for writing this. I’ve been wanting to do meditation for some time now, years actually! Your article has pushed me over the edge. I’m starting tomorrow! Thank you for a great read!”

Mike Daniels, Owner/Broker of Rancho Coastal Properties and Get Paid Half

Thank you, Mike, for your encouraging feedback!

A Decision!

All this has led to my decision to meditate each day. A decision is something way more serious than wishful thinking. You stick with it!

I have decided to take my own advice and start small. Five minutes a day with a guided meditation. There’s absolutely no reason why I can’t find five minutes to do this.

No matter how busy you are if you can’t invest five minutes to take care of yourself you’re violating an important “rule.” That rule is that you must take care of yourself. If nothing else convinces you to adopt that rule then here it is: If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll be useless to everybody else who depends on you! That reasoning is irrefutable?!!

The other secret to making sure you follow through on a decision is to declare it to other people. Do you think I would have written a brilliant nugget every single day for now 89 days if I hadn’t declared it publicly? Rain or shine, weekday or weekend, holiday or not – not once have I failed to do – because I declared my decision to YOU.

Declaration works. Thus, I will do it again. I am declaring to you that I will meditate for five minutes per day for the next seven days. My intention is to do that and then step it up to ten minutes per day.

I invite you to do it with me. Read my brilliance nugget on keeping your brain from shrinking if you haven’t already. There are also some links to guided meditations you may find useful.

I’m Curious

Will you join me on this journey? Please do!


  1. Tyler Orion on at

    Thanks, Stephie-
    A tiny step in a positive direction.

    Also, for brain health you might check out BrainHQ. Several members of my patient group are using it with good results.

    • Stephie Althouse on at

      Hi Tyler, Great! Thank you! I will check that out.

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