Do all the good you can

Do All The Good You Can

Friday mornings are always special because I attend our Rotary Club’s weekly meetings. Going there always fills my heart. 

Today, my friend Jamie Blanton, the chief advancement officer at Cumberland Presbyterian Children’s home in Denton, TX, gave our benediction. Jaime shared with us an excellent quote by John Wesley. I want to share it with you.

Do all the good you can, 
By all the means you can, 
In all the ways you can, 
In all the places you can, 
At all the times you can, 
To all the people you can, 
As long as ever you can. 

John Wesley

John Wesley is the founder of Methodism. He was born in 1703, and he lived nearly 88 years. As I just learned, he was a strong voice against slavery in England and the United States. 

This morning our Rotary District Governor, Dan Steele, and his wife, Cary, visited us. Dan reminded us that we might sometimes feel that what we do is too small to matter, but the sum of all those small efforts is enormous

When you take those two things together, the fact that we can make a difference and the quote by John Wesley, what could stop us from doing the things we feel are important? The answer is “Nothing! We can do anything on which we set our minds.” 

With that, I wish you a wonderful weekend!