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How To Extract Your Brilliance Simply And Quickly

Great question! We talked about exactly that in today’s Brilliance Mining Cohort. Having someone who helps connect the dots from a fresh perspective is quite helpful, of course – but my point is that you can extract your brilliance with this simple method. The answer may be more straightforward (and faster) than you think. Here is one method you can do on your own:


(We generated this transcript precisely as described here: machine-generated by Loom.com and then edited for better accuracy and readability):

Hi. Have you ever thought, “Yes! It makes sense for me to write down my expertise, wisdom, and experience, but I don’t have time!” 

You might know that I call all of the above “brilliance” for short. 

The question is this, “How can I extract my brilliance simply and quickly?” That’s the question to which you might like to know the answer? If yes, you’re in luck because that’s the topic of this nugget.

There are three steps that you can take with this particular method. (There’s more than one method, but this is one of them.)

Step 1: You talk about the subject. Maybe you even have a conversation, or you’re training someone else. In any case, you are recording yourself

You can use Zoom.com for that or Loom.com or Otter.ai. I use Loom for that. There are lots of different ways that you can do this. Most of them cost very little money. Some of them cost nothing, at least for moderate use. 

Step 2: From the recording, you get a transcript. There are two options. You can either get a machine-generated transcript or a human-generated transcript. 

  • The machine-generated transcript can cost very little. For example, if you use loom.com, you can get even some amount of video for free, up to five minutes, I believe. But for $10 a month, which probably is not going to break your bank, you can get machine-generated transcripts of whatever length you want. 
  • Now that you have this transcript in hand, you can edit it. Or you can even hire someone to do it. 
  • Making it into either a checklist or bullets is not that tricky. Then you can use that further to generate slides, make videos out of it, and so forth. 

The first step is to get that brilliance out of your brain and get it into some form of documentation. My point is that there is a straightforward way to do it. It can be fast, simple, and pretty affordable. 

I’m Curious

Are you ready to give this approach a try?