You Get ALL THAT From 7 Mini-Brilliance Nuggets?!

If you took part in our first mini-Brilliance Nugget writing challenge, I congratulate you! You can get a lot from participating to our 7 mini-Brilliance nuggets challenge. Even if you did not participate, I’ve something special I want to share with you: One of the ways to extract brilliance from your brain is to write one or two sentences each day for even just a week. From that, you can quickly create powerful tools to transform your business or organization.

Before I get into a powerful example of that, here is the winner of our first challenge: Michael Dunkel. You will receive the FIRST Brilliance Mine T-shirt as a thank-you for participating in this challenge. Congratulations!

Thank you to all of you who participated. I was inspired and moved by what you wrote! 

A Powerful Example: From 7 Mini-Brilliance Nuggets to a Graphic and Checklist

Here is an example of mini-Brilliance Nuggets I received this week. These are from Robert Donnell from P5 Marketing. He is an extraordinary master in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). He wrote these seven thoughts, one per day, just like many of you did. (You don’t need to read them all – feel free to skip to the bottom of the list if SEO is not of interest to you.)

My 7-day thoughts

SEO is not a “thing.” It is not a one-size-fits-all process. It is a complex set of ever-changing factors that very few people have enough resources to “solve.” Even if you did, it would change tomorrow. Constant evolution and rapid change in a huge environment.

The main challenge for an SEO working on behalf of a client is to take a limited budget and produce the best possible results. There is never enough time or money. Skillful application of the 80/20 rule across multiple SEO focus is critical.

A good SEO will turn down a client where SEO is not a fit. SEO is not for everyone. SEO is for people that want to be found for something people are searching for. If you sell a product or service that doesn’t have a search term, SEO may not work or be very expensive. Also, SEO may not work if the revenue generated by a sale is less than the cost of the SEO. You have to determine the potential ROI for your SEO.

Marketing requires patience and staying power. I was struck that once an author completes a book, it takes a year for the marketing efforts to create demand prior to the launch. So, one year after the book is complete most publishing houses are ready to launch the book. Yet somehow, we think that we only need to give a marketing campaign a few days or weeks to show results. SEO is the same; some campaigns take a year to generate results. However, they continue to produce results for years.

You can’t start promoting without having a marketing plan that determines the 5 Ps – after you complete a competitive analysis. The 5 Ps of marketing are: Product + Packaging + Price + Pipeline + Promotion. The marketing plan is a document that creates actions and campaigns based on the 5 Ps. That is the order of action. Analysis – The 5 Ps- Marketing action plan. Missing a step? Your odds of failure just increased.

Successful marketing is complex. Nothing is simple. Creating efficient campaigns that work together ain’t easy. When your organization grows, and you have a marketing team executing different components of your marketing, it gets ever harder as it gets more complex. Avoid complicated solutions and KISS. Hint: we all think everything is simpler than it is.

It strikes me as odd that people a comfortable working on marketing efforts without a plan. Even a back-of-the-napkin plan that sets simple measures of success is helpful. As the saying goes, you can improve what you don’t measure.

Robert Donnell, P5 Marketing

My Reaction: There is a Lot of Value We Can Extract

I read Robert’s nuggets and thought

  • These are quite valuable to others.
  • I could create a graphic from it os people could absorb the content more quickly – at a glance. Such graphic saves both Robert and his prospects a lot of time. It also adds a lot of credibiity to the conversation. Furthermore, training others on his team becomes a lot easier.

I created this graphic (below is a video about how I did that):

Would you rather look at this graphic or read the original nuggets? Which would be faster? If you wanted to get a quick gist and perhaps go deeper into it from there, how helpful would this graphic be?

I made this graphic fairly quickly and simply. It can certainly be made fancier. Perhaps there is additional content or some refinements could be made. Yet: it already is quite powerful!

Then I looked at the graphic some more and thought, “This could be a useful checklist!” I made the key information from Robert’s seven mini-Brilliance Nuggets into this checklist. 

This checklist could be very helpful in P5 Marketing’s business. Imagine Robert sitting down with a prospective client and using this list. The client will know immediately that Robert is evaluating whether working together makes sense for that person. That could be very powerful! 

All it took to create these two tools was 

  1. Robert writing seven mini- nuggets (investment about 14 minutes total) and 
  2. Me “massaging” the information into these two tools.

Here is a video I recorded to show you the process I went through to do that. Enjoy!

I’m Curious

  • What could you pull from your brain into mini-Brilliance Nuggets? 
  • What purpose could you create from doing that?

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