graduation story

Getting My Brilliance Out Of My Brain Is Freeing

It is wonderful to feel after getting my Brilliance out of my brain. Recently, five people graduated from the Brilliance Mining Cohort we began in February. As I mentioned, I’m so proud of them. Everyone achieved tangible results. Everyone shared what it had been like for them.

Here’s what Jacquelyn Martin had to say. She works as Chaplain for the DFW Airport, is a Distinguished Toastmaster, and has earned a Black Belt in Taekwondo. But there is even more to Jacquelyn’s brilliance and vision:

I’m Curious

Which brilliance do you carry around with you that you might want to free?


Jacquelyn Martin:
The Brilliance Mining course has been amazing for me! I went from having some thoughts in this journal that are very hard to edit to a really good start on a book I can work on, whatever section I want to. As ideas come, I can implement them. I can add photos. I can do so much.

I have done more in the last eight weeks on this book than I have done in the last four years or five years or whenever I started thinking about it. I actually have a real potential for having something you can put in your hot little hands by the end of this year. It wouldn’t be there if I hadn’t done this cohort.

Dr. Stephie:
Congratulations! That is really fantastic. What’s outstanding about all of this, too, is the grand vision you have behind this. It’s not just one book, but two, plus your vision for a ministry retreat for women you’re working on.

Jacquelyn Martin:
Yes. It is. That’s been in my mind and thinking for, oh gosh, probably about a dozen years.

Dr. Stephie:
Wow! What does it feel like to have intangible brilliance pulled out like that and actually put into motion?

Jacquelyn Martin:
It’s freeing. Instead of just having this feeling like, uhh, with all this stuff on my chest that I can’t get out, I have a way to get it out. And I have a way to work on it, see it, and expand it … “freeing” is the word!

Dr. Stephie:
Wow. That’s powerful. Thank you so much, Jacquelyn.