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How Often Do You Look Into The Sky?

This question was inspired by our recent trip to Lake Murray.

Quick question: How often do you look into the sky? 

Just recently, we were on a brief vacation. We went to a lake called Lake Murray in Oklahoma, just slightly North of the border with Texas. We were camping out there. 

While camping, you’re not just hanging out in the RV, but you’ll hopefully spend time outside. It was pretty hot, but we got to sit outside in our chairs, look at the sky, and say, “Oh, here’s the Big Dipper! – Where’s Orion? Wait a minute. That’s just the winter constellation. We don’t see that right now.” 

Then we saw the Chinese space station overhead, which was fun. It’s the Tiangong space station. My husband uses a couple of apps, Skyview and Sky Map, that can help us discover stars and satellites we wouldn’t otherwise recognize. I think it is fun to gaze into the sky with or without an app.

During the day, we were boating. We saw clouds here and there. I imagined the clouds looking like… 

“That one looks like a dog lying down. Here’s the tail, and there’s the snout.” 

A bit of childlike imagination surfaced.

We need to take some time to “smell the roses,” look into the sky, see what’s there, and get away from our computers, electronics, and office chairs.

I invite you to look at the sky and see what you can discover or imagine.

I’m Curious

How often do you look into the sky?