3-step success formula

How To Create Success With This Simple 3-Step Formula

Today is the third day of our challenge, and yes, it is not too late for you to begin participating. It occurred to me that fundamentally, the formula to create success is much simpler than we often make it out to be.

I’m Curious

Which idea will you decide to act on today?


Hello, Dr. Stephie here. How are you? 

When you’re thinking about creating success, it can get complicated. We get books and videos worth of advice on how to create success.

We can boil it down to something simple: three steps. 

Have An Idea

Okay. Here’s step one: Have an idea. Now we have lots of ideas all the time. 

Make A Decision

So that leads to step two: Make a decision. Let’s implement this one; pick this one right now. 

Act-On It

That brings us to step three, which is to act on it. Do not have it exist as a “brain crack” that sits around in our brain for weeks or years, even decades. 

That’s really it:

  1. Have an idea
  2. Make a decision
  3. Make it happen

One thing that often prevents us from doing that is because we think we have to take big action, and we don’t have time for big action right now.  

For example, I committed to reading 250 books within one year. That’s 50 weeks worth of five books on average because I figure maybe I can’t quite do one every single day. I was looking into a course on speed reading, thinking that speed reading techniques would make this possible. It turns out that’s only a little part of it. The idea is that you read a book, not necessarily from cover to cover, but you read it with the idea of finding one idea. You may find several, but one idea you will act on. 

I’ve set up two sheets on my note-taking app called Notion: 

  1. The first one is to track the books I read. I tag my notes so I can find them again. I write down a quick essence of what I found remarkable about each book. 
  2. I have a second sheet where I track which idea I implement on a given day because I’ve also committed to implementing one idea daily. 

If you are thinking about doing this with me:

Some ideas are bigger, and you may need more than a day to implement them. Other ideas may be quite simple. You may be on a diet that’s getting you into ketosis, and you decide to buy test strips for that. That’s a simple decision. I thought about measuring the ketones, and I thought about buying test strips. Now I’m doing it. 

Even on a very busy day, you can decide to act on something. You can pick an idea you can implement quickly, or you can take something big and break it down to the point where, even on a busy day, you can implement one small step of that big project. That’s good enough because it increases massively when you consistently do that. Think about that. 


We have this challenge going on; today is day three. The challenge is to take an idea that might have been rummaging around in your head for a while. Implement it; it counts, even if it’s just a little step. Please let me know either daily because I have fun seeing it or at the end of the week, which is Saturday at the end of Saturday.

I look forward to seeing what you are doing with these three steps. It is very simple but not necessarily easy; otherwise, more people would do it. The success formula starts with having that idea. We all have many ideas. Next, it is about deciding and then acting. See you tomorrow.