How To Get Your Wheel Of Life To Roll Smoothly

How To Get Your Wheel Of Life To Roll Smoothly

You probably have seen the “Wheel of Life” before. There are quite a few different aspects of your life listed. How well are they in balance with each other? What else is important to consider?


What you see here on the screen is the “Wheel of Life.” You probably have seen this before, but there are quite a few different aspects of your life listed there:

  • Family 
  • Relationships 
  • Health 
  • Finance
  • Social Life
  • Hobbies
  • Career 
  • Personal Power 
  • Friendship 
  • Spirituality 
  • Achievements
  • Energy 

This is just one of the many versions out there. Of course, there are many aspects important to us in our lives. The priorities that each of us has may not all be the same. I suggest that you have your own wheel of life.

Then I invite you to actually rank each category. Just sit down for a minute and ask yourself how you would rank each category on a scale of 1 -10. For example, you might say, “For me, ‘family’ feels like an ‘8’.” Or maybe it feels like a ‘4’ or a ’10.’

Go through the different categories and rank yourself. If you take a screenshot of the “Wheel of Life,” you can print it out and mark each item with the ranking you give it. Then connect each ranking with its neighboring ones until you get your current “Wheel of Life.”

What does it look like?

  • Do you get a smooth wheel out of this?
  • Or does it look like some distorted wheel that is not going to roll very smoothly, but probably more like hobble along? 

This is a great exercise to do once in a while because it helps you to root out areas that are important to you, but you may have neglected them or at least not paid as much attention to them as you would like. It’s worth spending a few moments on that and thinking about it. Let’s say maybe your health has gotten the “short end of the stick” and has not gotten enough attention. Or perhaps it’s your spirituality or your social connections that have suffered or your family.

We all have 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I think one thing is definitely true: We don’t have time for anything except the things we make time for!

I’m Curious

What does your “Wheel of Life” look like? Which a-ha are you getting from it?

I wish you a wonderful weekend!