Quantum leap

How To Make A Quantum Leap In Your Life

This is a great question. Is it even possible? Yes, I’m convinced it is possible – with a change in mindset!

How can you make a quantum leap in your life? What does this even mean? Is it possible? 

It means that instead of making progress gradually, possibly by just taking consistent steps or working harder, we can make a quantum leap. The first thing we need to do is to believe that it’s possible. 

The book “You two squared” by Price Pritchett, Ph.D., talks about that. It starts with an analogy. Let’s say there’s a fly. The fly is trying to get from point A to point B, but a glass window pane is in the middle. The fly is flying. It hits the glass. It says to itself, “Hmm, let me try it again. But harder this time.” Splat! Eventually, the fly dies because it hits the window pane too hard. But a few feet away, there’s an open door. All the fly would have to do is fly around and see the opportunity. 

It’s about finding that door, that opportunity. It’s not about working harder. Then you realize: It’s about taking a different risk. The status quo for the fly was to fly straight from point A to B – but the glass was in the way. The risk for the fly was ultimately very high. 

Choose Different Risks And Make The Quantum Leap

The conclusion is to choose a different risk. Choose the chance to fly around and find a new path. I want you to hear me on this, “Clinging to the status quo is the surest way of losing!” 

Let me say that again, “Clinging to the status quo is the surest way of losing.”

Speaking about risks that are involved with sticking to the status quo, I have to add this because I believe it with every fiber in my body:

“If you stick with the status quo of treating your expertise and the expertise on your team, that is the surest way of losing your brilliance. It is the surest way not to put it to the best and highest use!”

Dr. Stephie (Stephie Althouse)

Open More Of Your Gifts

There is another important point the book makes. Open your gifts! The people we regard as gifted have opened more of their gifts. That is what Pritchett says, and I agree!

 Everyone – yes, including you – has heaps and heaps of gifts sitting around they have not opened. Isn’t that interesting? 

I invite you to open more of your gifts. In fact, that is also one of the effects of Brilliance Mining.™ It makes you way more aware of the gifts you have!

I’m Curious

  • Which gift are you going to open today?
  • Which different risk are you going to choose today? 

That’s my question for you today.

Remember, we still got the challenge going on. Which idea will you implement today? Implementation is critical. The question is, what are you implementing?