How To Remember Things You Don't Know You Know

How To Remember Things You Don’t Know You Know

Remembering things you don’t know you know sounds impossible, doesn’t it? How can you access your subconscious knowledge and make it visible?


How can you remember things you don’t know you know? What? That sounds impossible. If you don’t know that you know something, how could you remember it? 

That’s a great question. We all know that there are a number of things we know and which have become automatic to us. This knowledge is in your subconscious mind. We know these things, but we don’t remember that we know them. How can you get at those things? How can you remember them?

There are two ways.

Option 1: Watch Yourself And Catch Subconscious Knowledge As It Surfaces

One way is to watch yourself at work (and in life in general), in terms of what you say and do. The knowledge in your subconscious mind rises to the surface when you need it.

If you watch yourself over a long period, then sooner or later, more and more of that knowledge has come to the surface. If you write it down right away, that is one way you can remember the things you know but don’t remember. You catch them when they come to the surface. 

Option 2: The Much Faster Method

The second way is considerably faster and involves working with a Brilliance Extractor™. A Brilliance Extractor is a person trained in the art and science of pulling unconscious knowledge out of your brain and making it visible.

The knowledge becomes visible and actionable to you, but it is probably more important that it becomes visible and actionable to other people. It’s already actionable to you, even though you don’t remember it, because it rises from your subconscious to the surface when you need it. But other people can’t do that.

How does a Brilliance Extractor™ pull unconscious knowledge from your brain? There are several ways, but one of them is to simply have a conversation or a series of conversations with you. The Brilliance Extractor is trained and really good at figuring this out; okay, here’s a piece of information you’re giving me. Here’s another, here’s another, here’s another. To you what you are saying seems cohesive. But the Brilliance Extractor sees gaps and says, “Wait for a second, something is missing here. What is that? Tell me more.

Brilliance Extractors™ are super curious.

There’s another powerful thing Brilliance Extractors do (we have a whole toolbox of methods; these are just two of them). We use graphics. We convert all these pieces of information you give us Into a graphic, which helps us to distill out the essence of what you’re saying. As we pull out the essence and group the details below that essence, we can now see what is missing. That method is very powerful!

Which Method Is Right For Me?

Working with a Brilliance Extractor™ is much faster than watching yourself. Besides, in option 1 you don’t get the benefit of fresh eyes that are likely to notice things that are hidden from your view.

Which method is right for you is related to your reasons for wanting to do that. Why is it important to you to take invisible wisdom, experience, and expertise, which I call brilliance, out of your brain and make it visible and actual to other people?

  • If your reason is a big reason, you might want to do it fast.
  • If your reason is not so strong, then it’s fine to do it the slow way.

I’m Curious

That’s something to think about. What is my reason for making my brilliance visible and actionable for others? If you’d like to talk about it, give me a call. I’d love to chat with you about it.