Treasure Tuesday

Launching Treasure Tuesday: 5 Quick Nuggets You Don’t Want To Miss

Greetings! After completing my writing 365 daily Brilliance Nuggets over the past year, it is now my pleasure the launching Treasure Tuesday.

Here is an interactive video (made with Prezi – I’m excited about the opportunities this tool offers!)

This week’s Treasure Tuesday In A Autshell

The Boldest idea I Implemented This Week

Use Prezi (instead of PowerPoint or video alone) to create Treasure Tuesday. It may not seem bold but I had to come up to speed quickly to do that. I love this tool! It has lots of potential!

Inspiring Book

Donald Miller, “Building a Storybrand” – the message is: Clarify your message so that your customers will listen. It’s storytelling!

Enlightening Visual

I experimented with creating a graphic that shows what Brilliance Mining™ is in a nutshell. I’d love your feedback. What do you think? Also, I invite you to make a graphic about what you offer. Send it to me – I’d love to see it!

Gratifying Brilliance Extracted

Bruce C. Carter and I are working on, which offers amazing training based on Bruce’s Brilliance. Its aim is to end generational hopelessness in young adults who grow up in poor and traumatic circumstances. Please check it out. I invite you to get behind this and support it.

Brilliance Mining™ in a nutshell. What do you think?


Fairly recently, I joined Valley Creek, a nondenominational church that describes itself as a “movement of hope for the city and beyond.” The lead Pastor, John Stickl, spoke about culture terminating from values. With clarity on values, a lot fewer rules are needed. Yes! For example, when one has the internal value of “integrity,” one really does not need to be reminded not to steal. Great point! I invite you to consider how that applies everywhere, at home, in business, … everywhere.

I’m Curious (Always!)

Which of these nuggets feels like the most important treasure to you? Which tiny action steps are you going to take as a result? I invite you to remember the biggest thing is to get into motion about that thing you are thinking about.