Make Sure You Continue To Love Your Business

Make Sure You Continue To Love Your Business

How can you make sure that you continue to love your business or company as it continues to grow?


How can you make sure that you continue to love your company as it grows? From my experience working with many business owners and entrepreneurs over the years, I can tell you that that is not a trivial question. 

Here are three things I think are very important 

  • The culture of your company. It is important to agree with your team on which behaviors are acceptable and will lead to success. That includes a culture of accountability and integrity. That does not have to be stifling, but growing your company will be quite hard without it. 
  • Be careful of who you partner with. That’s both a business partner in the strictest sense of the word, as well as investors.
  • Third, be careful in terms of who you allow investing in your company. It is my experience that even if an investor owns only a minority share, they have a considerable say, or at least it can be that way.

In summary, in order to love working in and on your own company

  1. Create a culture with accountability and integrity and make sure you’ve defined which behaviors are the ones that you and your team agree on lead to success. Make sure these success behaviors are upheld in your organization.
  2. Be careful who you partner with. 
  3. Get clear on how much say investors will have as a result of that investment. Make sure that you have an aligned vision.

I’m Curious

What are your experiences?


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