alpha poem

Can You Make Your Brilliance Visible With An Alpha Poem?

Sure, you can! Why not? Making your brilliance visible involves some way of getting it out of your brain onto paper (or its electronic version). Let’s have fun!

First things first. What is an alpha poem?

  • Some say alpha poems are a journaling tool. True.
  • Some say alpha poems are fun. I agree!

How does it work? Give yourself a word and theme.

“Challenge your mind to answer a question or find a solution with words that begin with every letter of the alphabet – in order, of course!

This kind of activity really makes a game of problem-solving. And because it gets us out of our habitual thinking mode, it can be powerful in generating new perspectives. The bottom line for creativity is to seed it. It’s hard [or harder] to be creative without a starting point. Alpha poems quickly give you … starting points…. Because it’s so clearly a game, it helps us to lighten up, let go and be more spontaneous.”

Example 1: Word = “Saturday.” Theme “My Ideal Vacation”

For example, today is Saturday. I pick “Saturday” as my word.

As my theme, I pick “my ideal vacation.” Let’s go. First, I write all the letters of my word on a page. “S” in one line, “A” in the line underneath.

Then, I start to brainstorm… and making it silly is fine, too – don’t edit or analyze (you can do that later):

  • Sweaty – I like to challenge myself
  • Adventurous!
  • Teaching me something new
  • Uncommon – not the same old
  • Relaxing (a little)
  • Daring to have fun
  • Amazing time with friends and family
  • Yearning to go!

Some of my most memorable vacations have been adventurous… canoeing the 100-mile wilderness waterway in the Everglades National Park, hiking to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back out in one day, hiking through the Alps with a backpack from shelter to shelter for 10 days,…. diving trips, RV trips, off-the-grid camping, and more. And yes, Nepal, I’m coming! (hiking to the basecamp of Annapurna).

Is this poem “brilliant”? Probably not. Is it fun? Sure.

Speaking of brilliance, let’s create another example.

Example 2: “Brilliance” and “The Purpose Of My Work”

How about creating an alpha poem with the word “Brilliance” and the theme “the purpose of my work”?

  • Bring out your brilliance – because you have more of it than you realize!
  • Ridiculously rewarding and fun
  • Ideal for my endless curiosity
  • Love to work with smart people who are up to something great
  • Liberating experts and visionaries from managing their expertise and giving them more time to innovate
  • Increase your possibilities and impact in our world
  • Amazing connections
  • Never-ending improvement
  • Cherish your brilliance and visions
  • Excellence over perfectionism

Key Takeaways

  1. Alpha poems can be a fun way to let your creative juices flow in a quick manner.
  2. Don’t edit your thoughts or analyze while creating. You can do that later.
  3. It strikes me alpha poems are yet another form of Brilliance Extraction. 🙂
  4. You could even use alpha poems for brainstorming with your team. For example, you may be able to express your core values via an alpha poem. It might even spell the name of your company.

I’m Curious

Which alpha poem will you write?

You can do it anywhere. It takes only five minutes (or less).