Reflecting On Make Your Comeback Stronger Than Your Setback

Reflecting On “Make Your Comeback Stronger Than Your Setback”

If you’re a human being (I know you are!), you – like me – have experienced setbacks. In this nugget, I’m reflecting on the advice “Make your comeback stronger than your setback.”

Here is the link to the TEDx Perth talk I am referring to:


Greetings. If you’re a human being – and I bet you are -, you, like myself, have experienced setbacks. 

How Do We Think About These Setbacks? 

That’s a great question. If you look around on the internet, you will come across many videos that all point to the same thing. They even use the same phrase, ”Make your comeback stronger than your setback”. How true!

I came across this quite impressive young man who, at TEDx Perth, talked about this topic. I have linked his talk underneath this video. He spoke about some setbacks and how he shifted his thinking to say, ”Hey, hi, nice to meet you, setback”. 

Let’s think about this. 

  • What can we learn from this setback?
  • Which opportunities can we unlock from it? 

There’s another saying that says, “A smooth sea has never made a skilled sailor.” Hmm. That’s something to think about.

On A Personal Note, Sometimes That Is Tough?! 

Maybe your own emotions get tangled up with that setback. That, too, is human. That, too, is an opportunity to say, “Okay, what is the opportunity in that?”

I invite you to think about how this might apply in your life. 

I’m Curious

Which experiences do you have about this subject?