Make Your Speaking More Powerful With This Tiny “Trick”

How can you make your speaking more powerful – with just one tiny “trick”?


Greetings. Today’s nugget is about speaking – speaking in front of other people, either in person or on video. I invite you to watch out for one thing that can almost single-handedly take down the quality of your speaking. And that is filler words such as ah, um, eh, “you know”‘s or “it’s like.” 

Am I perfect? Absolutely not. However, the only cure that I know for this is twofold

  • Practice
  • Awareness

One place where I practice is Toastmasters. There are Toastmasters clubs just about everywhere.

The other possibility, of course, is to record yourself. 

Or when you speak have someone monitor you and point out when you use filler words. At Toastmasters, we have a little bell and we go “ding” when someone uses a filer words (not during prepared speeches but otherwise). It can be a little bit disconcerting, but it is helpful. 

That is my nugget for today. Cut out these little “ums” and “ahs.” Instead, I invite you to have the courage to just pause. Maybe you need to gather your thoughts. That’s okay. Just pause. Say nothing and then continue.

I’m Curious

  • To what extent do you use filler words when you speak (even in normal conversation)?
  • How aware are you of it?