Note-taking Is More Than Note-taking – It Is Thinking!

What is the value of taking notes? Is it just to remember the things you are writing down? I think not!


Greetings. Here is one quick nugget about note-taking. Yes, note-taking. Is note-taking just note-taking or is it actually thinking?

I’d like to suggest that it is more than just taking notes. Instead, it’s about thinking about what you write down and further processing the things that are already running through your brain.

Note-taking, either by pen or electronically, is important because you process the information you write down even further. Note-taking is actually thinking! Sometimes that thinking works better when you have an actual pen in your hand, although I use also an electronic pen and use my trusty Remarkable tablet. Or you can use an iPad and then use OCR to make it electronic.

Either way, note-taking is thinking! Think about it! 🙂

I’m Curious

  • How much of a note-taker are you?
  • What does note-taking do for you?
  • What do you use to take notes?