Fresh On-The-Mind Thoughts About Observing Your MAGIC and Perfectionism

This is a late-night nugget with fresh thoughts about observing your “magic.”

Is observing your “magic” neat or messy? I was publishing a major course today and recording my every step along the way. See what happened.

I’m Curious

What are you committed to? Perfection or progress?


Hello, Dr. Stephie here; this is a late-night nugget. I have something I want to share with you. It’s fresh on my mind, namely, thoughts about how you can observe your magic today. The primary way I can tell you about Brilliance Mining is by observing myself work on actual projects.

Applying Learning in Practice

Today, I was putting a course a client and I developed into a learning management system (LMS). It’s a pretty large body of work. I made a big push to get it in there today. I thought, when I’m doing that, I might as well record myself doing it. I can probably use this as training material for other people later. 

I got into the work. Initially, I uploaded information into the LMS. Then I thought, I could do this more easily. I could do this better. I stopped, retreated, and then did it a different way.

Embracing Imperfections

I thought, “Oh no, this recording of my work is not perfect!” 

Can you relate? 

But then I got over myself. I thought, it’s okay. I can always cut out that piece of me regrouping. I started recording again. I think I took six recordings along the way. 

You know what? These imperfect recordings are so much better than no recordings. Please get that. I invite you to join me in fighting off the perfectionism that stops us from doing things we could be achieving.

Redefining Perfectionism

In 2006, I heard Tony Robbins talk about perfectionism. I felt he was talking straight to me when he said, “Perfectionism is the lowest standard of all.” I was struck! “What do you mean, “the lowest standard of all“? 

But he was onto something. We think perfection is the highest standard. But, actually, it prevents us from doing things we could be doing, something that could have a big impact.

Encouragement to Act

My fresh-on-the-mind thought about observing your magic is, “Just do it.” It may be messy. It may not be all happening in one recording. I guarantee you it won’t, but that’s okay. Videos are cheap. You can edit them.  

I invite you to “just do it” when you do something you’re good at. Record yourself. Please label the recording so you can make out later what this recording was about. Because by the time you have 50, 100, or 200 2recordings, you will appreciate the labeling. 

With that, I wish you a terrific night.