A Surprising Truth Scientists Do Have One Strong Advantage In Marketing

A Surprising Truth: Scientists Do Have One Strong Advantage In Marketing

Here is a somewhat unusual question for you: Do scientists have an advantage in marketing?

Here is a quick video (or see the transcript below):


Greetings today; let’s contemplate this question: Do scientists have an advantage when it comes to marketing? 

Off the bat, the answer is “Heck no, of course not!”, because scientists haven’t been trained in marketing. Scientists are often really uncomfortable with marketing.

Today it occurred to me that scientists actually have an advantage in marketing. When you have worked in science or engineering, you probably have had to acquire a pretty high level of tolerance for failure. Think about it. 

  • What do scientists do? Experiments. 
  • How many times do they succeed? Once in a while. 
  • How often do they fail?  Most of the time. 

Well, in marketing, it is really similar. We maybe don’t think of it this way, but I think we should. It is an experiment. It is a discovery. It is about finding out which message works. You are not going to get it right the first time. So, this time scientists actually have an advantage, and that is my Brilliance Nugget today. 🙂

I’m Curious

  • What is your experience with marketing your products, services, or ideas?
  • How frustrating is it to discover the right message that resonates?