Stay in motion and love it

Stay In Motion And Love It

Why did I record this nugget while dripping wet? Great question. I had just come home from working out (in the rain) with my friends from “Camp Gladiator,” and I felt inspired to share this with you and the importance to stay in motion:

I’m Curious

For you, what is it that is worth staying in motion for?


Hey, Dr. Stephie here. You may wonder, “Why are you standing here with wet and dripping hair?

I am dripping because I just returned from Camp Gladiator, an outfit where we train outside, rain or shine. Just as soon as we started training, it began to rain. We went under a canopy with fabric, but we still got totally wet.

But I loved it. It reminded me of the many times I’ve been hiking through the rain. It’s not bad. In fact, it can be exhilarating. I got to thinking about how important it is to stay in motion and how you stay in motion and love it. That’s really a great motto to live by. When I’m at Camp Gladiator (I recently joined them), I’m never the fastest; I’m quite possibly the slowest. I might be doing the least reps or modifying an exercise so it is easier for me to do. They allow you to do that, for which I’m quite grateful.

I’m not competing with any of the other people. They’re extremely supportive. All I’m doing is making myself better. That’s it. You know what? That applies everywhere. You’re not competing against other people.

There will always be others who are somehow better, faster, or further along. Who cares? It doesn’t matter; stay in motion! Because if you stand still, you’re not progressing – that much, is for certain. Stay in motion and make a little step forward. That’s all, that’s it. It’s so easy. Stay in motion and love it. Love even your failures. Love it when you know you can’t do a full push-up, and you go on your knees and do the push-up that way. So what? Your triceps will still get stronger.

The same happens in business. Let’s say you can’t yet afford some big glitzy PR firm to promote what you’ve created. Cool. Then, start with some guerrilla marketing. Do something.

Get into motion and stay in motion, and love it!

Let’s take my brilliance nugget journey as an example. I’m near the end of that journey. Is it really about the moment where you stand at that 365th Brilliance Nugget and say, “Yay, I did, look at me? Woohoo.

No, it’s been the journey. It’s to stay in motion and to love it; to be in touch with all these ideas that were bubbling out of my head and ideas given to me by others. It is the experience.

It’s the same in mountaineering. Yes, there’s this great moment when you stand on the top and say, “Yeah, I did it!” but if you didn’t love the journey, you missed 99% of it.

Stay in motion and love it. I invite you to do that.

What are you staying in motion for? Drop me a line. I’m curious.