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Surprise Yourself With This Simple Challenge

Today I’m kicking off a simple challenge: Write down one or two sentences (or bullets) of something that comes to your mind. It can be anything. Do that for seven days, starting today. 

Please let me know if you are in (if you haven’t done that already). Just for fun, I will raffle off a one-of-a-kind Brilliance Mining T-shirt among you.

You might surprise yourself. Challenges foster growth and opportunity.

Your daily writing (for seven days) will be like a mini-Brilliance Nugget. (It doesn’t need to feel “brilliant.”)

Here are some ideas of what you could write about – but again, you can write about anything you like:

  • Write down an idea you have been mulling over in your mind. Or it could be a new idea.
  • Catch yourself doing something cool or worthwhile. Please write it down. You might discover even more within you than you acknowledged. 
  • Write a sentence to your spouse or a friend. It is up to you whether you give it to them.
  • Write down a sentence or two about what makes you feel grateful. It may help you become even more aware of how blessed you are.
  • Write down a dream you have. Perhaps it is something on your bucket list.

Let’s not speculate what your experience will be. Just do it, and find out. 🙂 Have fun with it!!!

Challenges are good for us. They bring out things in us that we might not see when we take on the challenge. This challenge here is a small one, sure. But you never know where it will lead you.

Thank you for participating! (Please let me know via the comment section you are in!)

I’m Curious

  • Which challenges have you taken on in the past?
  • What are your few words for today? I invite you to write them down right now. 

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