How This Entrepreneur Transformed Her Business During the Pandemic

This inspiring story is about how thoughts become things. Maybe not overnight, but eventually. It is also an illustration of how a well-prepared mind can take advantage of external changes.

How Ingrid Transformed Her Business During The Pandemic

My dear friend Ingrid is an exceptional fitness trainer. She has a Master’s degree in exercise science. She is certified by the prestigious Chek Institute and STOTT Pilates. She also produced Pilates-based golf conditioning DVDs. The list of credentials and achievements goes on and on.

Yet, even for her, making a good living as a fitness trainer was not always easy. Most fitness trainers get paid by the hour. When the client doesn’t show up there goes a part of your income.

Ingrid Had A Dream

it was three dreams, actually.

  1. One was to open a Rock Steady Boxing gym for people with Parkinson’s disease. It is an amazing, impactful, and gratifying niche. People with Parkinson’s disease get to enhance their daily quality of life. They build impressive capabilities they didn’t think they could have.
  2. The second dream was to create a Concierge Fitness business. Ingrid is quite well-rounded and loves any form of exercise, whether it is done inside or outside. She researched all the hidden exercise gems in and around Encinitas, California. She knows ALL the gyms, trails, and think-outside-of-the-box ways to have fun, effective and diverse forms of exercise. She dreamed that people would pay her not just to train them but to give them an even more elevated experience. A concierge experience in the area of fitness. That, too, is unique in her area.
  3. Another dream Ingrid had was to train people via video conference when necessary. Ingrid loves traveling but it was hard to find a reliable way to get out of town. She needed backup that would not leave her clients in a lurch and/or have clients who are willing to be trained remotely.

Then The Pandemic Hit

Who still desperately wanted to be trained? The people with Parkinson’s disease. Ingrid and her “parkies” plowed on. They supported her because they appreciated and needed her. That is the power of a niche! The pandemic made it clear that they could count on her, and she on them.

The Pandemic Helped Her Transform Her Business

There were three shifts:

  • Training clients via video conference. Now more people think that is a great way to go. It can be quite convenient for both her client and for Ingrid. No longer was she tied to being in town all the time.
  • Her Concierge Fitness business took off. She is now attracting people who are serious about their fitness and are willing to pay for a concierge experience. No longer is she paid by the hour. Instead, clients are buying monthly packages instead. Ingrid trains them and makes well-researched referrals to other fitness resources. She does whatever it takes to help her clients be healthier. They love it!
  • Rock Steady Boxing became even more successful and sustainable. She now has backup coaches and the loyalty of her clients is exceptional!

The Takeaway

In summary, when external shifts occur they are not always all bad. I’m not at all discounting all the harm that did occur. But I am saying that Ingrid is a great example of how thoughts can become a reality. Sometimes external shifts give you a helping hand with that. You just have to recognize the opportunity when it presents itself. That requires the right mindset and follow-through. Well done, Ingrid!

I’m Curious

  • Which thoughts do you want to convert into reality?
  • To what extent has the pandemic created opportunities you can take advantage of (or maybe already have taken advantage of)?

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