Two More Months Until the End of the Year

It is the beginning of November. Two more months and then this year is over. Only two more months (although that is 17% of the year – just saying). And of course, the holidays are coming. Halloween is just past us. Thanksgiving will be here soon. Black Friday. Shopping. Holiday parties. And then Christmas – and Hannukah – itself.

Before we know it it will be New Year’s Eve. Then, as every year, many people will make their New Year’s resolutions.

You can respond to the “two months left in the year” realization in several ways:

  1. Get a few things that you started done and off the plate. But don’t start any new things. Whatever you didn’t launch in time thus far, will have to wait until next year.
  2. Grab the “bull by its horns.” Launch the new endeavor – even if it is with a few people as a soft-launch. Or, at least plan the first 90 days of the New Year. Get ready to hit ground running early in the next year.

It is tempting to sit back and enjoy the season. Take it slow. There is something to be said for that.

The counterargument is: If you don’t plan a little now it is likely that you will spend January getting back into gear. Real action-taking will likely be delayed until February.

I’m facing that same situation right now. I am soft-launching my online course. We will meet over Zoom eight times, to digest the module of the week and apply it. It is only one hour per week. But some people are not ready to go now. The upcoming holidays feel like too much of a block to make that commitment.

I could give up on that plan before I even started. But I’m only extending this offer to six hand-selected people. Six. Can I find six people who are interested and committed enough to do this despite the holidays? I think so.

I’m going to wrap this Brilliance Nugget now and get on the phone. And by the way, I will still enjoy the holidays, too!

I’m Curious

  • Which path are you chosing?
  • What is your inner dialogue about it?

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