defeat can position us for big wins

The Ultimate Nugget To Turn Defeat Into Big Wins

The mini-Brilliance Nugget challenge has already been a blessing. (You can still participate…) Why? Because I receive such awesome Brilliance Nuggets from y’all. Thank You! Today, the ultimate nugget is about how to turn defeat into big wins!

Here is one I asked from my dear friend Lori Fickling. I asked her for permission to share it with you because it is quite inspiring:

As I watched my favorite football team go down in flames this past weekend in the very first round of playoff games, I sunk low in disappointment – as did so many who were counting on this winning season resulting in at least a shot at the big game.

It didn’t take long after their defeat to be reminded by most that it had officially been 25 years since they had a win in the playoffs. Twenty-five years is a long time! But when interviewed after the game, the team’s owner and the coach both said “We’ll be back even better next year.“

It made me think of how many times we face defeat in our lives. Sometimes it’s a small defeat, but sometimes it’s a monumental one. Do we turn in our jersey and say “that’s it, that didn’t work,“ or do we say “Watch out, I’ll be back even better!“

Life is a game of wins and losses, and as long as we learn from the losses, we’re positioned for the big wins!

Lori Fickling, President/CEO, Chamber of Commerce, Lewisville, TX

I love it! Thank you, Lori!

I’m Curious

Where have you experienced some defeat which you can turn into a big win?

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