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Unearth Opportunities By “Looming” Your Brilliance

This is my first video to unearth opportunities-recorded Brilliance Nugget. As with all other Brilliance Nuggets, it is short, and (hopefully) useful and fun. It is also imperfect – while I strive to do it with excellence I realize that one always can do it even better. However, when we wait for “perfect” we create little to no impact. Thus, here it goes. The lightly edited transcript is below the video (if you prefer to read it).

Greetings, Dr. Stephie from The Brilliance Mine. Today, I’m recording my daily Brilliance Nuggets (on video). What I’d like to share with you is how you can unearth opportunities that are looming in your brain, “your looming brilliance.” That’s a pun, a play on words because I want to show you a tool called Loom and what you can do with it … to actually pull brilliance out of your brain and readily get it into writing. 

All right, here you go. Here you see Loom.com, and here is a video that I have already recorded. This one is seven minutes long. I’m going to click on it to open it up. 

I recorded this video in Loom itself. Or you can also record it in Zoom, then upload it here. Okay. You have a button here on the side where it says, “review transcript.” You click on that, and here’s your entire transcript. 

You can even search within the transcript for particular words, and it will then get you to the particular spot. For example, if I type in “good,” you see it finds the spot (where I said “good”). If I click on the highlighted word, it will advance the video to the spot where I’m using the word! (That is very useful!)

What’s amazing is that you can get the entire transcript right here. Transcription costs money normally, but here you have a machine-generated transcript. That’s just part of your loom subscription. There even is a certain amount of video, I think up to five minutes, that you can get for free. 

When you click on this copy button, you can get the entire transcript. Do you see this button here? iI says, “copy transcript.” With it you can copy the transcript. 

Next, you can put the transcript into Word or Grammarly. You can “massage” it. You can extract the bullets out of what you said very readily. You can fix it up a little bit because the transcript is not perfect since it’s not human-translated but machine-translated. 

In any case, it’s an amazing tool! You will see that the transcript that I will put underneath this video is generated with this exact method. That’s my tip (my Brilliance Nugget) for today.

I’m Curious

What brilliance will you capture with Loom? 

Live brilliantly,