Unlock Lurking Potential

How To Unlock Lurking Potential By Writing 365 Brilliance Nuggets

Today is day #364 of my writing daily Brilliance Nuggets for one year. In this video, I share what I have gotten out of it and how to unlock lurking potential. Please watch. My big thanks to you are the biggest part of it – I could not have done this without you! I want to inspire you to undertake a similar journey – make it fit for you! The benefits are amazing. Some you would expect; others were a surprise.

Hello everyone; this is Dr. Stephie. This is brilliance nugget number 364. Yeah, you heard right; there’s one more to come tomorrow. I will announce tomorrow what is next. 

Today I want to share with you what happened during this Brilliance Nugget Journey. You have seen bits and pieces of this along the way, but I named this nugget “How to unlock lurking potential by writing 365 brilliant nuggets” because it’s not just what you produce if you do something like that, but who you become in the process. 

Today, I’m trying out a new tool, and hopefully, it will work, but here it goes. The first one, if you look at this as an iceberg, here at the bottom of this is “discipline.” 


Discipline is demonstrating to yourself and others that you can stick to your plan, even if it’s a long-term plan, like a year, that requires daily consistency. 

From doing that, you get a lot of confidence. You ask yourself, “If I can do that, what else can I do?” 

I’m telling you this because you, too, can do this. 


Next up is brevity; to make each nugget brief. That was definitely a challenge for me. We said 300 words are enough, but more than 600 words is too long since we’re doing this daily. When I started doing videos, we realized they must be short, aiming for two to three minutes for most of them. Today obviously will be in a different situation. 


There are a number of skills I already had, but I got better. It’s the whole process of 

  • Gathering ideas
  • Fleshing them out
  • Writing and/or recording these ideas
  • Editing – that’s editing text, video, and images
  • Working with virtual assistants, teaching them, giving them feedback
  • Emailing daily through the CRM. I had a CRM before, but I did not use it daily
  • Social media advertising
  • Tools ranging from Loom to Prezi, Canva, Powtoon, Movavi – the list goes on

Build A System

Then it’s about building a system. 

  • I use an app called Notion, where I gather my ideas. 
  • I use Monster Insights headline Analyzer to analyze whether or not my subject line is catchy. Hopefully, it is intriguing enough to open the email. But at the same time, I learned that you can’t always trust this tool. Trust your gut because sometimes the headlines the tool comes out with are too hypey.
  • The Hemingway app helps make the writing easily understandable
  • Video transcripts
  • PowerPoint and its Smart Art feature
  • WordPress has reusable blocks, which can be pretty handy for the signature 


The topic of perfectionism is a tough one. Most of you can relate to the difficulty of overcoming perfectionism. You literally have to pitch your promise against your perfectionism. That is an ongoing journey.

I’m up against my tendency for perfectionism right now. I’m brand new to this tool Prezi, but I’m using it, and perhaps not perfectly, but I’m doing it. 

Express What You Do

When you blog daily and publish your brilliance nuggets, you express what you do in words, via video, and, very importantly, with visuals. You cannot help but get better at it. You get feedback. That feedback is good for you. 

Then there’s the habit of observing your thoughts. I got into the habit of observing my thoughts and capturing them immediately. I wrote them down in Notion.


Building more faith; I didn’t see that coming. Somehow, please don’t ask me how, but that occurred concurrently. 

That brings me to something else. People asked me early on, “Stephie, how will you monetize this?” 

I will produce a book, and you will see it shortly. But that was not the reason to do this. I am having right now the best year in business ever. There is no direct relationship between the activity of writing the Brilliance Nugget and having the best year yet in business. There is no direct relationship, but it is related somehow or another. It is related in intangible ways that you can’t even track. 


The last but most important point is “support.” To have people like you root for me means more than words could ever say, but thank you. I’ve gotten so much help from you with ideas and comments. I’ve gotten referrals and a lot of love. I feel that same love for you. Thank you so much!

We’re on a journey here of shifting the paradigm of what we’re doing with our expertise and how we treat it. We are overcoming the fear that we might not be worthwhile as experts if we share our brilliance with people on our team. We know that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

That fear still may creep in at times but remember you have to clear your plate to have time to come up with new things. Also, you have to give yourself some freedom to enjoy life. You can’t do that if you wear those brilliance cuffs we’ve been talking about during those past 364 days. 

One more nugget tomorrow. I will see you tomorrow. We will talk about what is next. I love you, Dr. Stephie.

I’m Curious

What does this Brilliance Nugget journey inspire YOU to do?