What Are The Traits Of A Great Writer

What Are The Traits Of A Great Writer?

What are the traits of a great writer? What fears or concerns do we go through when we write – and how can we overcome them? What are the benefits of writing?


Hi, Dr. Stephie here. What are the traits of a great writer? I asked myself that question the other day, would I consider myself a great writer? Great question. Would you?

I came across a book entitled “Write Like You Mean It” by Steve Gamel. He is a very nice guy. He owns a company called “Edit This.” In this book, which I’m reading right now, he is talking about all kinds of tips for better writing. He starts by talking about how writers often fear that

  • They are not good enough,
  • What they say doesn’t matter,
  • They express the things that do matter not well enough.

Hey, I know what he’s talking about. I go through those same emotions and have spoken to you numerous times about that sense of “perfect.” We must do this perfectly, or else we cannot share this with anybody. Certainly, we cannot share it with a greater number of people.

What I have found is that writing and publishing every day, which I have now done for over 300 days, does help to overcome that fear of creating and publishing content. It makes you a little bit more comfortable and a little bit more okay with the fact that nothing is perfect. But you can give yourself permission to do it anyway because, after a while, you realize that whatever you give does have value. It does matter at least to someone.

You can give value to other people! We are given our gifts from someplace; whether you say that’s God or the universe or whatever your belief system is. I feel we have the responsibility to share our gifts, however imperfect the sharing of them may be. If you give yourself permission to do it imperfectly for a while, you will get better.

This book also helps you to do it even better. Before you know it, you just may write regularly. When you do, that is also one of the really powerful ways to do Brilliance Extraction on yourself. When you get into the habit of pulling ideas out of your brain and writing them down, it doesn’t even matter how well polished they are when you write them down. All you have to do is to write it down well enough so that when you look at it later, it makes sense to you again. 

I’m Curious

What are you going to write today?