Why I Love Toastmasters

What is life about? What is the Toastmasters Club that I love? If you are reading the Brilliance Nuggets regularly we probably have some things in common. I love learning new things and putting what I have learned to use. And sooner rather than later, I am compelled to pass on what I’ve learned. I can’t help myself. It must be due to the “teacher DNA” my parents passed on to me.

Serving others is amazing. You give, and it feels good. Without asking, you get so much in return. One way to do that is to help other people grow.

Having fun is also important. What would be the point otherwise? Having fun doesn’t subtract from being impactful. In fact, having fun often increases the impact of what I’m working on.

The critical ingredient for the above is the people who are with me on this journey. In whose company do we get to learn, grow, teach, serve and have fun?

One of the groups I treasure a lot is my Toastmasters Club. It is where people learn to become (even) better speakers and leaders. I feel very fortunate to be part of Toastmasters. In our Club in Southlake, TX, we have a family-like culture, in the most positive sense of the word. We are a tight-knit bunch. We love to learn from each other and support and encourage each other. We laugh together as well.

Initially, my biggest challenge was to keep speeches brief. Now, there is a surprise! I’d attempt to pack too much into the speech. Being confined to five to seven minutes for a meaningful speech – that was tough at first. You have to be more prepared for a short speech than for a longer one. You can’t just speak faster either – LOL! I learned that less is more. Simplify the complex but don’t lose the core message. I use that skill in my Brilliance Extraction™ work, too.

One of my endeavors lately has been to teach “serious”, useful subjects in a fun, humorous, and engaging way. I have learned quite a lot, and I keep learning more. There is always another level of mastery. Also, it is fun to be involved as an officer of the Club. We have a strong, fun team!

I invite you to join us! Join us at Southlake if you can. If you are not near Southlake, there are many great Toastmasters clubs in the U.S. and worldwide. Also, for now, we are meeting in person and via Zoom – so you can join us regardless of where you live.

I’m Curious

What impact could you create through being an even more effective speaker and leader?


  1. Deana Eiland on at

    Your love of learning new things and sharing knowledge is always inspiring. So blessed to call you “friend”.

    • Stephie Althouse on at

      Thank you so much, Deana! I love you and our friendship!

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