“Your Own Exploration Is Better Than ‘seen On TV’”

Your Own Exploration Is Better Than “Seen On TV”

Your own exploration is so much better than what you see on TV.


Your own exploration is so much better than what you see on TV. I mean, it’s great that we can see all these amazing things on TV and expand our horizons in ways that people could have never dreamt of before we have so much choice in TV or how the TV at all. 

I remember when some years ago, I first started scuba diving. I was just amazed at what the underwater world really looked like. You see things that are clearly an animal, like fish swimming by and so forth. But then there are other things like nudibranchs that made me think, “Whoa, wait a minute. You’re not moving. It is not very obvious in any case. So, are you a plant? Are you an animal?” 

And then just the sounds and the feeling of being there. It is a fantastic experience. I’ve dived in kelp beds with sunlight coming through the kelp in incredible ways. I cannot even imagine feeling the same feelings watching that same scene on TV. 

I think it’s like that in lots of things. It’s like that in business, too. When you start your own business, grow it and bring it through all the various stages that a company goes through, from startup to growth to reinvention, that is your personal experience! The same is true for starting and running a nonprofit. 

It is nothing like anything that you might see on TV, not even the “Undercover Billionaire,” which is a show I watched with great interest. Nonetheless, it’s nothing like your own experience. 

So, go out there and make your own TV and memories! It’s so much better!

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