Bring Intentional Joy to Your Day

A few days ago I declared that I will meditate for five minutes each day. I am happy to report that I have kept my word. My experience with doing that has been good.

The meditation I have been doing is a guided five-minute one by Goodful (there are many options on YouTube). In it, the narrator asks you to think of something that made you smile or made you thankful or appreciative. After soaking that feeling in for a moment you are asked to set an intention for the day. An intention that will allow you to continue to feel this way. It is about planning one little thing that brings intentional joy to your day.

As funny as it may sound, yesterday I set the intention to install baseboards in a bathroom. The bathroom had been awaiting final touches after we completely renovated it. Setting this task as a joyful intention made it fun to work on it. I was proud of the results as well.

Today, I have quite a few appointments. I am setting the intention to enjoy each of them and to focus on connection. It feels good to connect with others. For example, if you go somewhere to network, don’t just scan the room to root out who you could do business with. Be curious about the other person/s. Build relationships. Learn something. Other good things will follow naturally.

By the way, as I was thinking about which picture to pair with this Brilliance Nugget I came across the one you see on top. I love experiencing sunrises. And to me, sunrises in the mountains are especially beautiful. Then it dawned on me that we can create a sunrise in our own mind any time we choose to do it! 🙂

I invite you to bring intentional joy to your day and be kind to yourself!

I’m Curious

  • How will you bring intentional joy to your day today?
  • How can you bring intentional joy to a day that is quite busy?

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