From Brain To Blog: A Powerful Process One Nugget At A Time

From Brain To Blog: A Powerful Process One Nugget At A Time

In this video, I want to share with you how I create the daily Brilliance Nuggets. What is the process for creating, editing, and publishing daily Brilliance Nuggets from brain to blog? What can you take away from that for your work?


In this video, I want to share with you how I create the daily Brilliance Nuggets. What you see here is a page inside of the app Notion. I use this app a lot. I’m showing you here a visual board (Kanban board). On it, each nugget progresses through the following stages:

  • The idea
  • The idea with notes
  • The idea recorded as a video  
  • The edited video. For example, I may trip over my tongue. Then I just pause for a moment and repeat it. We’ll cut that piece out.
  • The published idea.

There are a couple more steps that happen here. 

  • Editing the transcript and creating the image.  (After recording this video, I realized that it would be good to add these steps. I did.)

This is the Brilliant Nuggets journey, as I call it. I have evolved it over time.

Here is an example. Today, I recorded: ”Batching Is Powerful” (actually, I changed it to “Batching is beautiful” – see below).

  • When I think of the idea, I just create a board with the status idea and write”Batching Is Powerful”. This idea may occur to me while I’m sitting at a traffic light and I pull out my phone, I find this page, I click on this blue “new” button, and I just type in real quick or even dictate: ”Batching Is Beautiful”.
  • Later on, when I think about this further, here’s what I do. I go to another website called and type in what I think would be a good and intriguing headline. 

Let’s say I type in ”Batching Is Powerful,” and I analyze it how engaging the software things this headline is. In this case, it came out with 61. Then I thought of a slightly different twist on that headline. It’s ”Batching Is Beautiful” because truly it is. Voila, it came out with a rating of 76. When the software shows the analysis as green, that means that’s a good headline (or at least, the headline analyzer thinks so).

I’m now taking that headline, and I’m copying it, now that I’m happy with it. I open the page; each of these board items has its own page. I’m now changing the headline. As soon as I have a headline that I like, I change the status to notes. In this case, I don’t need to put a bunch of notes here for this particular nugget because I have it in my head. I’ve even written about it before. Therefore, I can go ahead and record this Brilliance Nugget. 

  • You can see that ”Batching Is Beautiful” is now shown under notes
  • When I record it, I move it over to recorded. (In fact, I have already recorded it.) 
  • When the video is edited, then I will move it over to video edited.
  • Once it’s been published, I will move it over to the published status. 

What Happens Next? 

In between editing and publishing the video there are more steps:

  • The transcript will be extracted out of, which is where those videos sit. 
  • Then it goes into Grammarly, where it will be edited from there. 
  • It goes into WordPress, where sometimes it will be edited a little bit more. 
  • The image goes into it. 
  • Also, there is a light touch of SEO-related activities.
    • I add a focus word
    • A meta description is added as well. That is the description that shows up when you look for it on Google. 

That, in a nutshell, is the Brilliance Nuggets Journey. 

I hope this is useful to you from one of two perspectives. Either you want to

  • Write your own nuggets and publish them, or
  • See how you can outline a process and make a recording that can help you outsource certain steps of this.

In the latter case, let’s say I want to outsource video editing.

  • I can tell someone with a separate video how I want this editing to happen.
  • Then I can outsource that step. I can give them access to this Notion page by sharing it right here.
  • Therefore, then they can say, “Okay, here are all the videos that are recorded and are ready for video editing; let me take care of these.”
  • When that’s done, they can move it the corresponding nugget boards over to the video edited status.
  • Then I can see that the nugget video is ready for the next step. I

I hope that’s helpful to you.

I’m Curious

What could you do with this methodology?


  1. Jacquelyn Martin on at

    Lots of technology, but it works well for you. Someday I may get to the point where I need this and will be good to have a place to start. Thanks for sharing.

    • Stephie Althouse on at

      Yes, what I am showing here is how to stay organized with daily production of content, which involves the help of a team member in some of the steps. The technology may seem complex but is not that scary once you are familiar with it. You can easily learn in pretty quickly when you feel the need arises for you.