Small wins

Get a Small Win Fast

Tiny steps get the ball rolling and keep it moving so learn how to get small win fast. For many years, I have been saying, “Tiny steps taken consistently are unstoppable.” When you tackle a big project or pursue an ambitious goal, breaking it down into smaller parts is essential. Yet, often the “small part” are not small enough. Action steps that are too big lead to overwhelm.

For example, it can be overwhelming when you begin with Brilliance MiningYou might go from thinking you have no “brilliance” to realizing you have quite a bit of expertise and wisdom. Then where to start? It can feel overwhelming. Then it might be easier to do nothing.

It Is Vital To Get A Small Win As Quickly As Possible

Here is an example. In a recent Brilliance Mining cohort, the idea came up that an “offboarding tool” would be valuable. One of the business owners said a client-facing employee was about to leave her company. She said, “I have an exit interview thing that I got from my HR company, but it’s a little dry and not really super helpful.” 

I asked her, “What information are you hoping to extract from her?” We brainstormed for a few minutes. It was amazing what came out of her brain regarding questions to ask. She wanted to discover everything the next person needs to know to succeed.

We recorded the session. From those few minutes, I created a Guide for Offboarding Conversations. The guide is specifically for that company and this particular position. That is an example of a quick win.

A few more examples of quick small wins

I invited the readers of the Brilliance Nuggets to a 7-day mini-Brilliance Nugget challenge. I asked for only one or two sentences or even bullets. I predicted that they probably would write a little more once they picked up the keyboard or pen (I was right). One of the challenge participants decided to write daily and make it into a book over time. That’s a win! 

Another challenge participant wrote seven nuggets about his expertise. Check out the nugget where I show how I made two tools from these seven nuggets. That is two more small wins. 

Key Takeaways

  1. It is not the size of an accomplishment that matters. What matters is that it feels meaningful to the person who creates the win.
  2. Often, the wins that one might think of as “small” don’t turn out to be that small. The offboarding guide has a significant value. Tackling the writing of a book one daily nugget a day is immense. And the two tools we create are also of considerable importance when put into use.

I’m Curious

  • I invite you to think of a goal or project you have been meaning to take on? 
  • Then come up with one tiny step you can take today. I invite you to do that step. Give yourself the small win of having gotten started. 🙂

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