I Am So Grateful To YOU!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! It is the day when we Americans focus on expressing our gratitude for our many blessings. Hopefully, we do this more than once per year!

Thank YOU!!!

I want to express, once again, my gratitude to YOU! You have been with me for 77 Brilliance Nuggets by now. Today is number 78. Wow!

I shared with you a fun visualization method for my journey of writing one Brilliance Nugget per day for 365 days. I compared this journey to hiking the 2,200 mile-long Appalachian trail. If we were to hike that trail in one year it would come to 6 miles per day. By now, we have “hiked” from Springer Mountain, Georgia, to past the border between Tennessee and Virginia. 468 miles today! Wow.

Yes, it is “only” 21% of the journey I committed to. But then again, it is already 21%. Most would have quit by now. But you and I – we are still here. I am writing. You are reading and commenting. You can’t even imagine have much encouragement ad satisfaction I’m getting from us doing that together! Thank you!!!

We Both Over- And Underestimate What We Can Accomplish

We are often overcommitting ourselves and are stuffing too many tasks into one day. But, at the same time, we are often vastly underestimating what body of work and impact we can create when we do a task consistently every day for one year.

The task could be small! It doesn’t matter. Consistency is the key!

Most days writing a Brilliance Nugget takes a little longer than I anticipated initially. But it is worth it. It has become part of my life. I enjoy it. It is almost akin to meditation by now. Most days it is my early morning activity. I capture ideas all day long as they occur to me. And yes, as I told you, I use the Notion app to do that.

Appreciate and Enjoy Your Blessings!

Today I invite you to just enjoy! Notice the many blessings you have! Appreciate them!

I’m Curious

What has happened in your life during those same 78 days? What are you grateful for?

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