Imagine you have a diamond mine. The diamonds represent your knowledge, expertise, and your wisdom (brilliance). Let's do Brilliance Mining.

Mine Your Brilliance And Get a Big Payoff

What does “Mine Your Brilliance” mean? What is Brilliance Mining? And how am I going to get a big payoff from it? Great questions!

Imagine you own a diamond mine. The diamonds represent your knowledge, expertise, and, yes, the wisdom you have accumulated throughout your life. I call that Brilliance for short.

You are aware of some of the diamonds in your mine. Yet, there are more diamonds than you think. It is just that some of them are hidden from your view.

Brilliance Mapping™ is about identifying the diamonds in your mine. I call it the Brilliance Mine™. 

Brilliance Mapping™: Which Diamonds Do I have And What Are They Worth?

Brilliance Mapping is the first step in the Brilliance Mining process. It is about mapping out where you have which kinds of diamonds in your mine. 

For example, you might be great at branding. You build brands that bring the right customers to your clients’ businesses. The brands build trust and confidence, and their businesses flourish as a result.

But how exactly are you achieving that result? During the Brilliance Mapping, we figure out the “headlines” of what you are doing to get that result. In this case, we are likely to encounter brilliance areas such as intuition, creativity, and “listening between the lines” of what the clients say they want. These are areas of brilliance that seem difficult to pass on. But don’t give up. We’ve got this!

During the Mapping process, it is essential to look at your return-on-investment.

For example, imagine you have taught your team to follow various tasks step-by-step. That is great! It makes for consistent, reliable processes. Yet, maybe some of the magic you bring to clients is missing. If you could teach your team to build brands with the same level of brilliance that you have, what would be your payoff? 

  • How much more freedom and peace of mind would you have because you know your employees can deliver at the same level of excellence as you do?
  • How much more time would you have to innovate and look at new ways to bring the company to the next level?
  • How much more possible would it be for you to make your company employee-owned at some point (or sell to someone else) and leave a legacy that makes you proud?

Brilliance Extraction™: Pick Up Your Diamonds. Dig Them Out.

The second step in Brilliance Mining is about harvesting the diamonds. This step is about picking up easily visible diamonds and excavating the ones that are buried. I call that Brilliance Extraction™.

I use five methods to pull these diamonds out of your brain. I will share more about that in another Brilliance Nugget.

Brilliance Replication™: Polish Your Diamonds And Get Your Payoff!

The third step in Brilliance Mining is Brilliance Replication™. It is about taking the “diamonds in the rough” and polishing them. We create a “Brilliance System” and put it to use ASAP so you begin to get your payoff quickly. 

It is not needed to polish the diamonds “perfectly” right away. I’m a big fan of putting them to use as soon as possible. For starters, it could be as simple as putting the information into a PowerPoint deck. 

It is essential to build a PowerPoint (or whichever vehicle you choose) from the perspective of creating a course (because you are!). It needs to have the correct flow, be at the target person’s level, and offer the information in bitesize chunks.

As soon as possible, but the Brilliance System to use. Train someone with it. See what they understand and can do as a result. Also, observe what is confusing to that person or what is missing. Be prepared to go through some iterations. Make it successively better. The payoff will be sweet financially – and likely, life-changing!

I’m Curious

Which “diamonds” are you aware of in your Brilliance Mine?

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