Nuggetize your brilliance

Nuggetize Your Brilliance!

This expression popped out of my mouth recently: Let’s nuggetize it! “It” is whatever information you want to pass on to someone else. “It” is your brilliance.

Often experts attempt to pass on too much at the same time. It is like drinking from the proverbial firehose. We need to make that into a more manageable garden hose and allow people to drink one pleasant sip at a time. 

Would You Duck If Someone Threw A Gold Brick At Your Head?

Or, to stay with the nugget metaphor: Give them one nugget at a time rather than throwing a gold brick at them. Wouldn’t you duck if someone did that to you? Even though the brick is pure gold, it still hurts when it hits your head. (I can hear some of you saying, “I would catch the gold brick!” Good for you! Yet, imagine it is coming at you at an uncatchable velocity! LOL)

There is an art and science to “nuggetizing.” It often needs external fresh eyesWhat you think is a small nugget might feel like a gold brick to someone else. That is because you eat, sleep, breathe and live your expertise. It is a massive part of who you are.

See How To Nuggetize the Expertise Trapped In Your Brain

Nuggetizing is part of what I guide the Brilliance Mining program participants to do. We begin by accessing nugget categories. We imagine having a chest of drawers for these nuggets and are thinking up labels for each drawer. It is an outline of the expertise (brilliance) you have decided to capture so it can be passed on to others for many years to come. 

Then you can begin to “dump” your nuggets into these drawers and collect them there. 

After a bit, you can sort through them and divide them into sub-drawers. 

You begin to see a flow: Which nugget do I need to pass on first? Which one next? 

You Need Fresh Eyes And Input To Get Excellent Results

Along the way, you realize what is missing. You add more. You get feedback from others. You can put it into action, get an ROI on your efforts, and get input simultaneously. Sweet!

Nuggetizing also means that you will think of ways to present your expertise in simpler ways. People need an overview of where you are going first. I refer to that as the “top-of-the-box.” 

The kicker is: The more you know, the harder it is to do that. You are too close to yourself. Again, I come back to the importance of fresh eyes. Even I need those for extracting my “brilliance.” (By the way: Isn’t it funny that I have no problem saying brilliance for YOUR expertise, experience, and wisdom, yet, it is harder for me to say that about myself without resorting to quotation marks surrounding the word?!)

I’m Curious

  • Which area of brilliance would you like to nuggetize and pass on? Who would receive them, and for what purpose?
  • Would you do me a favor and check out this new page and let me know what you think, please? Thank you for your feedback!

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