How To Finally See How Brilliant You Really Are

How To Finally See How Brilliant You Really Are

I’m not Elon Musk. I’m not a brilliant person.” I have been hearing that a lot over the time that I’ve been talking about Brilliance Mining and Brilliance Extraction to see how brilliant you really are. That is the start of the conversation – but that is not where it ends. 



How can you finally realize just how brilliant you are?

I’m not Elon Musk. I’m not a brilliant person.” I have been hearing that a lot while talking all over the place about Brilliance Mining™ and Brilliance Extraction.™ That is what I hear at first, at the beginning of the conversation. 

How can you snap out of that? How can you realize just how valuable it is, the experience, expertise, and wisdom that you carry around in your brain?

That’s a great question. Here is how you can do this. Just imagine, or, if it helps you, close your eyes and ask yourself, “Can you get away?

  • How easily can you get away from what you’re doing, whether that’s in your business or your nonprofits, or even your family?
  • When you’re not there, what’s missing?

What do you see then it’s only a fraction of what’s actually missing, but it’s a great start. 

Another way you can do it is to be gone for a day or two or three and see what it is that people are missing. Then you can increase the span that you’re gone. Again, observe

  • What sort of calls you get,
  • What kinds of emails you get, and
  • What kind of questions people have.

Also, when you’re back, notice what sort of work did not get done. What does the pile of work you are facing consist of?

These are all great indicators of what is something that is your brilliance and that people rely on you for

That gives you a really good clue for where you might want to begin to extract brilliance. In other words, what is a great place to begin to pull your brilliance out of your brain and to document it in some way? I call it Brilliance Mining™ and Brilliance Extraction.™

  1. The mining is to find out first what Brilliance you have and why it is worth extracting.
  2. Brilliance Extraction™ means going after it and extracting it from your brain (it will not hurt, I promise! It’s actually fun and conversational).
  3. Then there’s the polishing part that makes your brilliance replicable. In other words, other people can now actually use it.

I’m Curious

I invite you to do that experiment. Let me know how it’s going. 🙂