Showing up

Showing Up Makes a Staggering Difference

Writing a Brilliance Nugget every single day is not easy. Doing anything with consistency is not easy.

This morning I was thinking about this quote:

Half the battle is just showing up.

Stephen Hawking 

Generally, I’m not sure whether showing up is exactly “half” the battle. Nor am I sure the pursuit of something that matters to you is best described as a “battle.” In Stephen Hawking’s case, his battle with ALS made showing up much more challenging than most of us. Yet, showing up consistently can sometimes feel challenging, even if it matters to you!

Why Is Showing Up So Important?

When you don’t show up, you are not participating. You are not in the “game” of whatever is going on. It could be the game of

  • Meeting people at a networking event
  • Connecting with others and inviting them to get acquainted with what you do professionally
  • Attending your weekly Rotary meetings and providing “Service Above Self”
  • Improving your abilities as a public speaker on Monday mornings at 7 am with your Toastmasters group
  • Teaching and learning martial arts
  • Having dinner with your family
  • Visiting with friends
  • Calling your parents or siblings

The list goes on and on. Of course, writing my Brilliance Nuggets is on my list. If you have decided to write your own, it is on your list, too.

Which “Games” Matter To You?

Of course, you have to decide which “games” you want to play. That determines what you need to show up for with regularity.

I sometimes stop to think about brain surgeons, pilots, or other professionals who hold people’s lives in their hands. They all take on an incredible amount of responsibility. They can’t party until late into the night and wake up the following day with a headache and say, “Nay, I’m just not going to show up today!” They have to show up, and their work has to be top-notch. 

That part is evident, although we don’t always think about that.

What is less obvious is the influence of the many small decisions you make every single day. 

  • What do you show up for? What don’t you show up for? 
  • Which of these decisions do you make deliberately? 
  • Which ones “just happen” because you don’t feel like “showing up” at the moment or you let other things overwhelm them?

Key Takeaways

Showing up, especially with consistency, makes a staggering difference, provided the “game” you are showing up for matters to you.

  • If you don’t show up, you are not participating in that particular “game.”
  • You can’t play all games, so you have to decide which ones to play and which ones not to play.
  • Sometimes we play some games half-heartedly. We show up sometimes but not with consistency.

I’m Curious

  • Which “games” matter to you?
  • To what extent are you showing up for them with consistency?

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