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Small Things That Chip Away At Your Energy

A few days ago, I finally did it. I threw out some plates and bowls that had chipped. Yes, they were still usable. But every time I looked at them I noticed the chips. To clear my thoughts and prevent my energy to chip away, I thew these small things.

A couple we are friends with came to visit and stayed with us for a few days. My girlfriend who has experience in a lot of things, Feng Shui, being one of them, remarked on the chipped dishes.

“Throw them out, Stephie!”, she said. I squirmed a little. “Then the set of dishes will be incomplete” I protested. And: “We really like how deep these salad bowls are.” Yes, we like to eat big salads.

She said, “I’m sure somebody sells big salad bowls.”

My Mental Squirming

I was still wavering. These bowls were special; hand-painted and pretty. We have other dishes that match. But they chipped too easily. I even had gone through a lot of trouble to find some replacements for that set of bowls before. But over time those bowls had acquired some chips, too. Two bowls were still flawless. Two. Only two.

Then she said, “If you had hired me to be your Feng Shui expert, then would you listen to me?

Argh. Really?! I had NOT hired her to be my Feng Shui expert.

Yet, she had put fertilizer on a thought that had already nagged me for a while. How can I replace these bowls and not end up with a mishmash of dishes? I didn’t want to replace it all because the bowls go with other dishes we have (most of which are still fine).

I know this is a first-world problem. But I promise there is a point to this story.

An internet search revealed:

  • The “rustic vines” bowls we have are actually pasta bowls. They are 9″ in diameter. Replacing even one of them costs $38 (before taxes and shipping). How many can one even get? – This option is a no-go. I had already tried that approach.
  • There are actually some salad/pasta bowls that are of the right size. They are said to be chip-resistant. And they come in a color (light gray) that harmonizes with other dishes we have.

It Was This Easy?

Soon after ordering the new set of bowls they arrived. I reorganized the cupboards in which we keep our plates and bowls. It looks so much better!

What is the point? Feng Shui works?! Probably, yes!

The real point is if something is bugging you on an ongoing basis and you can do something about it then… do something about it! Leaving it as it is, is diminishing your energy. Wait, I think that is the point of Feng Shui?!

“Feng Shui … claims to use energy forces to harmonize individuals with their surrounding environment.”


There you have it. Now, I understand why I feel better when I look at my unchipped dishes.

It took only a few minutes (and less than $40) to make the changes. If I added up the many minutes I spent beforehand, thinking “Someday I need to do something about these dishes?” how many minutes would it be? I shudder to answer that question.

I’m Curious

What is something that is nagging you? What will you do about it and when?

If you need encouragement, along with “pesky” questions as needed, I am happy to “rent out” my girlfriend. She doesn’t know it yet… but she might be willing. Alternatively, I might be able to help. I have an easier time dealing with YOUR things than with my own. LOL

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