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Ten Quick Tips for How to Deal With Overwhelm

Everyone has experienced overwhelm at some point or another. Maybe you are in overwhelm right now. That’s why I’m going to keep this short!

Here are my ten quick tips:

  1. Breathe! Stop for three seconds and breathe!
  2. One step at a time. Which task really has to get done right now?
  3. If you don’t like that task, can you work on it for 20 minutes? Biting off 20 minutes doesn’t seem so bad. Either it is done by then, or you have changed your emotional state around the matter and it no longer seems so bad. I wrote about this trick before – it works!
  4. Slow down for a second and think: For this week to be succesful which three things would be your indicators? I said three – not five, 10 or 20! LOL.
  5. By way, not all three success indicators for this week need to be work-related. Just saying.
  6. Is there clutter in your environment that is draining your energy? Like dreaded paperwork? A quick 15-20 minute cleanup can do wonders.
  7. Go for a walk and get some fresh air. Yes, I know you don’t have time. I don’t either. But both you and I will come back refreshed and the work is going to flow faster. It’s worth it.
  8. Notice something beautiful. It takes only a moment.
  9. Don’t take it quite so seriously. The world is probably not going to end because of some things on your to-do list not getting done as fast as you were planning/hoping.
  10. Perhaps it is not just overwhelm caused by too many tasks on your plate. Perhaps there is something that is worrying you, too. It could be something that is not related to your work. Unfortunately, worry can cause anxiety but it doesn’t solve anything. Write down your worry – that way you can come back to it and think about solutions.

I’m Curious

How do you deal with overwhelm? Which of these tips work for you? Do you have some others you can share?


  1. Tyler Orion on at

    Thanks! I needed this today 🙂

    • Stephie Althouse on at

      Tyler, thank you for letting me know! I am so happy it was helpful to you!

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