“We Have Not Because We Ask Not”

My Brilliance Nugget today is about an inspiring nugget I received during last week’s challenge. It has been the seed for another fun challenge I’m proposing to you. This nugget “We Have Not Because We Ask Not” comes from my dear friend Jacquelyn Martin. She works as a Chaplain at the airport and does ride alongs with police in Ft. Worth.

Here’s her nugget:

Prayer has to be one of the most amazing things in the universe. The creator of all not only listens to us but welcomes us into His throne room and is eager to hear what we have to say. Scripture says, “We have not because we ask not.” Why don’t we ask? Do we think our requests aren’t worthy enough or do we think we need to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and do everything on our own? Or do we ask for a dollar when God thinks $10,000 would better serve His purposes?

Scripture also says, “He can do more than we ask or imagine.” Is our imagination lacking? Mine definitely has room for growth. When God answers our prayers beyond what we think we are asking for, do we embrace the opportunity and/or challenge which accompanies it? Or, are we so focused on the answer we think we want that we miss the bigger blessing and opportunity to grow our faith. Something to ponder. . .

Jacquelyn Martin

We have not because we ask not.” Wow, this is an excellent reminder to everyone. Scripture talks about it. So does the “Law of Attraction” that became famous through the book and the movie “The Secret.”

To get what we want we need to ask. To ask, we first need to be clear on what we want. We have to use our imagination. Then we need to have faith that we are not alone in getting there – that it can and will show up for us.

Then, we also need to take some action. We need to listen for clues. For example, you may pray and/or envision that a goal of yours comes to fruition. A thought to call a person who could be helpful to you in this endeavor comes to your mind. Yet, reaching that person seems a bit scary to you. What if they say “No.”? What if you can’t even get past their gatekeeper?

I call those calls “chicken calls.” I’m too “chicken” to make the call. The thought to make this call is part of God’s answer to your prayer. Or, to put it differently, the universe is giving you a path (or at least a clue) to get to your goal. It is still up to you to walk that path or follow that clue.

In this example, we need to make that “chicken call.”

A New Challenge Is On The Horizon 🙂

This conversation makes me think that our next challenge will be about doing one thing that you would like to do but are a bit scared to do.

  • It might be to make a “chicken call.”
  • Or it could be to take an action that feels a little bit intimidating.
  • It doesn’t have to be a big thing. Just one per day for one week.
  • I will do it with you!
  • Let’s see where it will lead us.

I’m Curious

  • What do you think? Let’s start next Monday?
  • Who could you invite to do it with us?

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