Winners Choose Their 'Misery' And Do The Thing That Makes Them Successful

Winners Choose Their “Misery” – Losers Let It Come To Them

I had the good fortune to attend an excellent training in sales according to the Sandler methodology. My dear friend Tiffany Koettel was the trainer. She shared with us a piece of wisdom that resonated with me. Here it is.


Greetings, Dr. Stephie here. I would like to relate to you something I heard Tiffany Koettel say. She is a dear friend, and she owns a Sandler franchise. The Sandler sales system is all about teaching how to sell better with a modern approach, rather than the good old “overcome objections” method. 

The nugget is this:

Winners and losers all have one thing in common. We all hate doing the thing that makes us successful. The difference is winners choose their misery. Losers, let their misery come to them.

Now think about that. This week I’m choosing certain “misery,” which is I need to clean up and catch up on some things. I invite you to think about what “misery” you are attacking today or this week. Be the winner who chooses their misery rather than have the misery come to you.

I’m Curious

What “misery comes to your mind?


  1. Jacquelyn Martin on at

    The misery I am choosing this week is to find a new housekeeping service. My last one was inconsistent and kept cutting corners. If I don’t find a new one, I will end up having to do all the house cleaning. Easy choice.

    • Stephie Althouse on at

      Better find a new house cleaning service. You have better things to do with your talents!