You Are My Champions – and The Real Heroes!

There are many ideas in the world. But many of them don’t go far. What does it take for an idea to catch on? People who believe the idea has merit and who become champions for it! YOU are the real heroes of this journey.

Every idea begins with someone who thinks up the idea and shares it with someone else.

The critical next step is: One person thinks “This is a pretty cool idea! It is valuable. It has merit.” That person lends encouragement to the idea creator. “Keep going, my friend! This makes sense. Go for it!”

Then, if you are lucky, that one person turns into two, then three, then five. Then more people gather around the idea. They become the champions of this new idea.

The initial person begins to show that the idea has “meat on the bones.” It works. It has a great payoff. Great success stories begin to emerge.

Of course, the path is also one of learning more. What works best? What can be improved?

“You Are Building a Movement!”

Then, again if you are lucky, another incredible moment happens: Someone says “You are building a movement!.” Wow. You are no longer dancing by yourself. There are people who read what you write. They think about it. They discuss it. They inquire how it might apply to them or people they know.

It seems this is the process that is happening right now on my journey of putting forth an idea. The idea is that all people have experience, expertise, and wisdom that is worth capturing and sharing. As you know, I call that brilliance. I created Brilliance Extraction™ as a process to pull your brilliance – and that of your teammates – out of your/ their brains.

This brilliance runs our companies and non-profits. Thus, we must capture it. It is the fuel – we rely on having it. We must protect it. We must pass it on. We no longer can afford to be haphazardous about this. We need to do this right. With systems designed to convey the brilliance reliably and consistently. It must be designed with the intended recipients in mind.

Thank You For Being My Champions. Yet, YOU Are The Hero!

This brings me to you. You are my champions! THANK YOU!

But it doesn’t end there. In fact, it just begins there. YOU are the real heroes of this journey.

It is YOUR brilliance I’m talking about. It is YOUR brilliance I’m inviting you to capture and leverage. YOUR brilliance is worth preserving to last beyond your involvement in whatever it is, a business, a non-profit, a mission, or adventure.

As for me, I am the guide. I’m like Yoda. 🙂 The person who encourages you to do it. The person who can share with you how to get access to ALL of the relevant brilliance, even the parts you don’t even remember you have. The person who can bring fresh eyes to the table. The person who knows how to make what you know teachable to those who will need it.

I’m Curious

What brilliance are you interested in and why? Please let me know, ok?!

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