Day 7 first challenge

Your Challenge: Writing Brilliance Nuggets for 7 Days

Today is the last day of the first mini-challenge – writing Brilliance Nuggets for 7 days, we began on Monday (don’t worry – there will be more!) And yes: It is not too late to write yours for today.

I will announce the winner of the first-ever Brilliance Mining T-shirt tomorrow.

If you didn’t send me your Brilliance Nuggets (some of you did), please let me know how many you wrote this week (Monday through today). You get one raffle ticket per nugget, i.e., up to seven tickets.

Then I will recruit our 13-year old son Dylan to draw the winner. 🙂

I’m Curious

  • What was it like to write a sentence or two each day?
  • What did you realize?
  • To what extent do you feel compelled to continue writing a little something each day for another week?
  • If/when you didn’t write, what stopped you?

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